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Local Multi-touch touch Linux and Windows 7 features support for


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Windows 7 is known first for its integrated support for Touchscreen devices and this feature has made it totally different and identified before its final version appears in the public. Well the Linux developers are now more active than past because of the recent great growth of Linux market been achieved by vast spread of netbooks.

A development group at ENAC in Toulouse, France, have developed a demo of a Native Multi-touch support for Linux Kernel to walk alongside the important touch feature of Windows 7.

The followinging video of this demo shows this concept is more like the multi touch used in iPhone.

This “technology is billed as being true native multi-touch support for Linux” works with Linux 2.6.30 kernel.” The technology supports a simple set of multi touch gestures including resizing, rotating, desktop scrolling, flipping, and making water ripple-effect (with two fingers).

According to the source, the demo code can be run on any Linux platform as well as Google Android.

Windows 7 comes equipped with integrated Touch feature supporting touchscreen devices. Of course it is more handy and powerful than what you see in the concept made for Linux. The whole W7 is totally compatible with touch features even when your keyboard and mouse are plugged. while touch supports high DPI, it helps you to do use a set of gestures to do almost everything including the basics of tap and drag, as well as scroll, right-click, back, forward, zoom, and rotate.

It also makes you able to work with the taskbar very easily. The taskbar buttons and thumbnails are ideally sized for pressing with touch, and specific behaviors are tuned for touch input. For example, the Jump Lists can be accessed with a simple drag up from the taskbar, and when opened with touch, the shortcuts in the Jump Lists are drawn with extra vertical spacing to make them easier to select.

Aero Peek has been tuned to work with touch as well as Sizing and positioning windows and virtual keyboard when you are bored from your real keyboard (or when you are in tablet mode). IE8 supports Touch feature, as well.

So, as you see Windows 7 is much more advanced than Linux when it comes to touch. However, the progress of Linux distributions have been pretty fast recetly especially to give particular support and apps for netbooks. This news is very happy news for Ubuntu and Moblin users surely when its final version releases.

In the following you will find two videos; one video shows the native gesture feature for Linux and the other one shows the touch feature of W7.

Windows 7 Touch Gestures
Windows 7 Touch Gestures

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