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Microsoft would be done to combat Google Chrome the operating system?


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Google Chrome the operating system and has taken the media in the world by storm. Everyone thinks that groups want to limit Microsoft with this operating system. Bill Gates the richest man on earth, thanks to the success of the Windows operating system. This is the core business for his company, and they do not want to see it get destroyed. So far, perhaps the main focus of Microsoft's decision-makers to combat groups in this area.

Of course, posing a challenge and Windows is not so easy. Enthusiastic crowds of Apple's operating system believe that Apple is much better than Windows. However, most people do not think so. Then, we must think in Linux, which is a free operating system. What could be better than free? Not only that, the fans feel that Linux is a stronger and more secure than Windows. However, the reality is that the operating system on the market, the position for Linux and Windows is just like AMD against Intel in the market. However, I think that Microsoft decision-makers would take it seriously because the groups already on the Internet, Google has emerged as the leading search engine thanks to the wonderful.

Also, AdSense is more popular than their counterparts from Microsoft and Yahoo. I also like Blogspot blogger or more of the Yahoo 360 or Windows Live Spaces when it comes to blogging. In the last one decade, we have noticed that Google has come up with some successful products. I think Gmil. Internet users and used to use Yahoo Mail and Hotmail At that time, most users a lot of inconvenience with 4 MB or 6 MB to store e-mail. Gmail revolutionized the concept of Gmail by offering gigabytes of storage. Yahoo and Hotmail and received, but by that time, Gmail has become very popular.

Now, Gmail is in third place behind Yahoo Mail and Hotmail when it comes to web based email services, but the important thing is that the groups managed to get some decent amount of market share and this is impressive for a newcomer. You have to understand one thing about the e-mail messages. I opened the box, Yahoo Mail in 2001, and I still use it because dealing with people and I know that the mailbox. It is like the book title. When it came Gmail], and I opened an account but I did not stop using e-mail Yahoo. However, it can not happen the same thing about the operating system. Now, I use widows. If you want to make a transition to the operating system, Google Chrome, then lost hardly anything. This is Microsoft Ting officials will have to remember.

I think that Microsoft should adopt strategies is two fold. Of course, they have to improve and Windows on a regular basis, which was always done. On the other hand, we must challenge Chrome the operating system in its territory. You know that Chrome the operating system will be mainly on the concept of cloud computing, and will run this operating system in your browser. Microsoft should be something like this and the challenge groups.

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  1. Anonymous // August 31, 2009 at 1:09 PM  

    Was this unintelligible mess written by a child?

  2. ashwin // June 20, 2010 at 4:33 AM  

    i just hate Chromium OS, just for the fact that everything is on internet,,damn viewing photos also., its available for download i have already created a post about it.

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