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Spent just $ 5 and make you have an old computer quite useful


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If you have a personal account that the old can not afford anything more than Windows 1998 or 2000, then you should buy a stick of sugar to make them useful with educational methods. So far can not understand what I'm trying to say? Well, let it be the first to point out to you.

Sugar mills, the company founded by former OLPC (one laptop per child) and President Walter Bender, now for the sale of the operating system and sugar, which are used in all the established institution in the laptops, X 1GB of disk storage for only $ 5. Bender said that the operating system that would turn the machine seems useless to a computer which would be full of useful educational tools. In fact, Sugar features 40 applications that all, as alleged by the sugar industry, it may be useful for educational use.

Sugar mills are going to use the program initially on the Boston-based elementary school, and leading academic Gardner. Also, I do not have an adequate idea of the sugar operating system as so far I could not keep my hands on the XO laptop, but still I think, this offer is attractive to a large extent. Why? Because it would only cost you $ 5, which is the amount that would not bother to spend for something that can be either good or bad in terms of performance.

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