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XPERIA purity next November you for 600 euros


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Sony Ericsson Xperia purity is for once the devil - it's got a feature set, but vanilla is the first phone with a see-through screen. Some new information about this matter and he had appeared on the surface should go up for sale as soon as this November - at least in the United Kingdom, that is.

Its status as an exclusive luxury device, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA purity is not distributed through retailers and transport companies, as usual, but will not be displayed in the high-end stores and shops with the price of the game - is about 600 euros.

Also, as this is not the exclusive surprise since Sony Ericsson describe the new device as "phone a simple design that combines beautiful craftsmanship and the concept of" talk, text, and time - a break from technology, "and the purity of the clear targets affluent and well-being, hardware, and paper specifications will be difficult inspire gadgeteers - unless of course you have a fetish for transparent objects with an extra hot price tag.

Formerly known as Kiki, will be promoted purity Xperia "a work of art rather than technology," and now also revealed Sony Ericsson will position the phone as "a specialized producer and creator, rather than in large markets."

Similar to another phone luxury - the Motorola Aura - and purity Xperia will be sold in the shops by the museum and high-end stores such as Selfridges. You will find that there is some time this November in time for the holidays

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