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Acer to Launch Windows 7 OS with Touch Screen PCs


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Windows 7 operating system has already created a buzz in among the computer users. PC makers are also trying their best to capitalize on the popularity of Windows 7, and thus, launching Windows 7 in their upcoming products. Acer, for example, has decided to launch Windows 7 in its upcoming touch compatible pcs including Acer Aspire Z5610 and 23-inch all-in-one PC.

There are some other products including Aspire Timeline 1820PT netbook, spire 5738PG laptop and a 23-inch high-definition LCD monitor. The list of products boasting of Windows 7 is not finished yet.

arnnet reported:

The vendor also showed off its 3D display notebook capable of ad-hoc conversion of 2D movies and images. It uses a standard 2D to 3D manipulation technology, requiring a pair of complementary 3D glasses to experience the visual effects. While the technology is not groundbreaking, Acer expects the relatively low price tag to drive uptake, with the device priced under $2000.

Windows 7 operating system will be launched on 22 October 2009. So, these touch screen products will also be available in the market soon after the Windows 7 launch. Now, let us see if Windows 7 can gear up sales of Acer products and earn the customer satisfaction.

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