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iPhone OS 3.1 in Apple iPod Touch 3G


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On September 9, 2009, Apple launched its 3rd generation Apple iPod Touch at an event held at the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco, where Apple CEO Steve Jobs appeared for the first time in the last one year. Every body expected that the new Apple iPod Touch would get a camera like that of the Apple iPhone but it did not happen. The Apple iPod Nano will become available with a camera. Because of technical problems in the camera integration, it was not possible, but the future iPod Touch would come with camera. The good news is the iPod Touch 3G will have iPhone OS 3.1. iPod republic reports:

whilst the upgrades to the iPod Touch have more to do with performance, as the two top models will become 50 percent faster than the current model and have support for Open GL|ES version 2.0, the cross platform graphics API. This is probably also the reason why Apple in their precentation of the iPod Touch focused so much on the new games that will be made available on iTunes App Store, including EA’s Madden NFL 2010.

The good news is that the Apple lowered the price 8GB iPod Touch to $199. In the U.S. the new the 8 GB Apple iPod Touch will cost $199, the 32 GB $299 and 64GB $399. On the other hand in the U.K the 8GB will cost £149, the 32 GB £229 and 64 GB will cost £299. All the iPod Touch 3G models will have 30 hours of audio back up and 6 hours of video back up which is far worse that MS Zune offer 32 hours audio and 8.5 hours video. Here is a video of new Apple iPod Touch 3G from CNET.

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