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Microsoft Advertise Windows 7 to surface on TV


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It is official, Windows 7, the new OS of Microsoft, is coming on October 22, 2009. From September 10, 2009, ads of the OS have started to surface on various TV channels. The CW TV channel started showing the ads with the premiere of Vampire Diaries. The ad features a small girl named Kylie, who appeared in another ads fro Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery. The Seattle Times reports:

In the new Windows 7 ad, Kylie points to positive reviews for the software, then quickly assembles a slide show featuring the most breathless quotes from reviewers, and images of kittens with marshmallows and unicorns.

Disclaimer: The ad features a quote from an article from The Seattle Times: "Every computer pro I've talked to loves the software." This was lifted from a story written by our tech columnist Brier Dudley about Windows 7, who also said in the story, "If you're perfectly happy with your PC, don't bother." (As in, don't bother upgrading to Windows 7.)

After the poor performance of Windows Vista, Microsoft has become cautious about its products. It has made sure that Windows Vista can live up to users’ expectation. Here is the ad of the new Windows 7.

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