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Want to Use Wi-Fi in your Old-Fashioned Laptop?


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Technology changes very fast and computer technology is no different. There is no guarantee that the device you are using today will be compatible with the technology coming tomorrow. Today while browsing on the net, I came across an article published in Washington Post where the writer answers a technology-related question asked by a reader.

The question was if it would be possible to add Wi-Fi functionality to an old laptop. The writer says it is very much possible to add Wi-Fi to an old-fashioned laptop. However, to do so, the laptop must have a PC card slot which is also known as PCMCIA in aging laptops. Another thing is that you need to know the requirements of the card before you buy the card because the cards available today may not be compatible with your old computer. Most of the modern cards do not have drivers for Windows 95 or 98 operating systems.

The good thing is that you can find cards compatible for Windows 95 or 98 versions in the market and comparatively those cards are cheaper than modern cars. So, you do not need to worry about it, but there is one thing that should make you worry and that is the security of your computer. In order to use old card, you have to go back to old version of router’s security because the old card would not be compatible with the upgraded router security. What you can do here is that you can use Ethernet when you are at home, and then use Wi-Fi in public places.

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