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Preview Acer Aspire D250 - 1958 10.1-inch Netbook


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Acer Aspire One is one of the most successful netbook models in the world. In fact, Acer gained a lot through this line up of products over the last few years. In fact, besides Asus EEE PC, Acer Aspire One also had a significant role in popularizing netbook. Now-a-days, many companies are jumping into this highly competitive netbook market and naturally Acer is facing some tough challenges. However, the company has now launched another low-cost Aspire One netbook in its attempt to revive its dominance.

Acer Aspire One D250-1958 is now available only for $319.00 which is really very attractive for the starters or those who are looking for a backup PC that they can use while on the go. The 10.1-inch laptop provides with excellent portability, mainly because of its form factor as it measures at 10.2-by-8.4-by-1 inches (HWD). The design is not very innovative, but its highly glossy exterior is not very frustrating too. With 2.7 pounds weight, Acer Aspire One D250-1958 seems to be a good machine to carry with while traveling.

The display may not be very good compared to some other 10-inch netbooks as it offers only 1,024×600 resolution. Alongside Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor, the netbook also offers 1GB of DDR2 RAM and 160GB of storage. Compared to the price, these features may not be very frustrating. However, the keyboard is definitely one of the cons of the machine. It is a 92% of a standard full-sized keyboard and typing experience is reportedly horrible. Keys are very small and to ensure comfortable typing, you need to reshape you hand, if you have a big one!

Overall, Acer Aspire One D250-1958 seems to be pretty much attractive for those who are looking for a low-cost netbook only for basic computing. However, one thing is pretty much certain that a user could also think of buying a better machine spending a bit more. So, Acer could think of improving the features of Aspire One D250-1958 netbook, specially its keyboard.

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