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Apple countermeasures against Nokia: What will happen now?


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In answer to Nokia's infringement proceedings on the patent, and Apple, in the December 12, 2009, filed another lawsuit against Nokia, saying it illegally used the company's 13 patents. Products such as Nokia E71, Carbide.c + +, the Nokia 5310, Nokia N900 using technology by Apple. Apple filed the lawsuit in the judicial December 12, 2009 in federal court in Wilmington, Delaware. Bruce Sewell, general counsel for Apple and said that other companies should compete by inventing their own technology, but not them and theft. Apple is saying that the Nokia patents are invalid. On the contrary, "said Mark Durrant Nokia spokersperson that the interview will not change the infringement of the original proceedings.

Nokia filed a lawsuit against Apple in October, more than copyright infringement of ten patents and royalties on the request of von 33.7 million, including the Apple iPhone Apple, Apple iPhone 3G and Apple iPhone 3Gs, which came out in 2009. Nokia claimed that all of the Apple iPhone Nokia use wireless data, and coding of expression, security and encryption. Nokia's original complaint also states that the licensed companies and forty-ten patents in which it accused Apple of. The company spent $ 60 billion in the past twenty years to build techniques.

Nokia against Apple legal dispute will be another major lawsuit this year. Earlier, filed a lawsuit against AT & T and Verizon because of the ad "There is a map of this", which created a lot of media frenzy.

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