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Apple increases iPhone download limit to 20 MB


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Well, you would not get to the downloading of large files on your Apple iPhone for Apple's troubles, the download limits on the iPhone over 3G networks increased from 10 MB to 20 MB. Many believe that this is a sign that Apple iPad would come with more multimedia content.

In the past, when each user wanted any application from the App Store or a podcast, which is more than 10 MB, a message on the screen would say the switch to Wi-Fi for the file download has been shown to be large, but now they would not having to worry about the size.

The download limit has been implemented so that iPhone users will not make too much pressure on its 3G network. Fearing huge traffic problems, AT & T iPhone tethering also disabled. Recently, AT & T activated SlingPlayer on the iPhone 3G.

In December 2009, "Annual Consumer Reports Study," revealed that iPhone subscribers in 19 U.S. cities are very unhappy with AT & T service. Still, Apple forged a new contract with increasing AT & T Services for the iPad would continue to provide such data. AT & T is working on upgrading its 3G network and prepare for 4G network in limited launch this year.

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