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UBS introduces MSI ALL IN ONE (AIO)


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Unique Business Systems is the distributor of MSI recently introduced the All in One (AIO. UBS introduce two models from Wind Top series.

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AP1900, Not Just a Monitor, PC Inside It !
UBS launches Wind NetOn AP1900, 19” in AIO family in Bangladesh. The AP1900 is the world's very first personal computer that achieved the perfect balance through brilliant calculation of delicate design, energy-saving, instant internet access, and teleconferencing functions to both save work space and make better work efficiency.

AP1900 is the world's slimmest AIO PC design, and its finest with only 35mm in width. So, it can minimize space usage while broadening the visual capacity like other LCD monitors. The Black Bars on the top and the bottom of the screen can also be avoided. In the other hand, AP1900 provides a 160 degrees wide visual experience. In Comparison to the traditional PC, the AP1900 is equipped with the Intel® Atom™ processor. It has all the outstanding features as the regular PC, added with energy-saving and noise-reduction functions. Furthermore, a variety of internet capabilities and 802.11 b/g wireless bandwidth for the ultimate freedom in the virtual universe.

Wind Top AE1900, A Sleek Touch of Style!
After AP1900, the first All-in-one PC, MSI launch Wind Top AE1900 in the market. Wind Top AE1900 is selecting an elegant white color with a glassy frame, which displays the simplicity of modern individualism and the comfort of home. Furthermore, it is equipped with the best computer features, such as instant message, low acoustics, and energy saving and 802.11 b/g/n wireless internet capability so you may roam freely in the realm of cyberspace.

Wind Top AE1900 is certainly ahead of its time, especially with the touch screen function that brings the world right between your fingertips, added a friendly interface, all of the functions are simply right within your grasp. The 19 inch 16:9 screen offers 160 degrees of horizontally wide range of visual enjoyment. It also continues the light and delicacy style of the All-in-one series, so you may enjoy all the freedom for your workspace, keeping things simple and flexible.

For more information of MSI AIO, Corporate Office : Phone: 8828377,9883094,8812244,9891548,8817023,8814559 Branch Office: (ctg) Tel: 725540, 2517007, 01730044413, Branch Office (Sylhet) Mob: 017130044407

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