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Acer Could Introduce a Tablet Featuring Chrome OS


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Acer is reportedly planning to launch a tablet PC which will be based on Google Chrome operating system. According to reports available in the market, this tablet will be available for sale at the end of this month for a price tag around US$310 or €250.

Produced by Quanta Computer, the tablet features a Chrome OS in order to keep the price down. Google’s Chrome OS is actually a web browser which allows its users to have access to Google’s web-based services like e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets and many others.

Chrome OS was primarily made for netbooks, but Google is now gradually pushing it to tablet market, by developing its features. For tablet, it needs to support touchscreen displays. An on-screen keyboard is also featured in Chrome OS which will be featured in tablet.

However, Acer has not announced anything on this tablet officially. So, it is expected that the Taiwan-based company will reveal the details of the product sooner than later.

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