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iPhone 4 Hands-On: Mind-Blowing Display meets Crazy Thin Design


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Today we had the pleasure of meeting not only the fifth row in the annual keynote Steve Jobs' at WWDC, where he reveals the leaked iPhone 4 long, but always some time, the face (pun intended) with him immediately afterwards. While we would like to spend more time with the newly renamed iOS 4 on a daily basis, we have quickly warmed to the phone, the stripped-design, high-resolution display and an elegant video chat app, FaceTime. Can not wait until 24 June, try it yourself? Get your fill now, with some close-ups of photos and videos of the latest smartphone from Apple.

New, slimmer design

The latest iPhone's claim to the thinnest iPhone on the market, at 9.3 mm thick and is 24 percent thinner than the iPhone 3G. It is actually a little heavier than the current 3G, but you would not know it from holding the iPhone 4th Because it is so thin, it is easier to cup your fingers around, it cradled in your palm. It's the 3G that the HTC Droid Eris, the Droid (see below what will be several side-by-side shots of the iPhone 4 in addition to the Motorola Droid). The glass front and back feeling good, although we noticed a lot of fingerprints, after I and other journalists had spent only a few minutes to play. We especially dig the all-white version, which is totally contrary to the last white iPhone, which sells or really looks like any other phone on the market. In fact, some actually have the combination of surface, form and color remind us of some of the all-white phones we are on the subway in Seoul, where we saw visited a year ago.

High-Resolution Retinal Display

4 The iPhone was rumored for a High-Resolution 960 x 640 display also, but what nobody knew was that there is today a new technology called retina, Apple has described the first time. This design, which crams in 326 pixels per inch, allowing the display to look sharp, even if you zoom in on text, photos, or within applications. While not as sexy as a function, video chats, 720p video function or iMovie app, it details like this that make this new iPhone impressive, and the compelling 3G and other smartphones in comparison. We both took videos and photos so that you appreciate how forward-sharp images and words, even when enlarged. It is the closest Apple has a paper gain experience. Amazon should be a little less cocky now on its easy-on-the-eye display.

Thoughts on Early FaceTime

Finally, in the video chat experience, courtesy of FaceTime is elegant. We love that they have in the phone, which is not true, integrated the new EVO 4G, and the calls is as easy as pressing one video call on Skype, the video chat experience of users mainly used probably. See our last post on FaceTime down for a more detailed, what is the video calling experience such as.

See our hands-on video and photo gallery and check out our comparison between the iPhone 3G and 4 to see whether an upgrade is right for you.

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