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No Chrome OS in 2010 by Google!


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This is bad news for everyone, not just waiting for Chrome OS, but also for cloud computing. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at the Web 2.0, the peaks of the company wanted to launch Chrome OS in the coming months. He did not give a specific date or month.
What is the months of sense? It is available at the CES 2011 in January or March or in May? Eric Schmidt gave no specific cause for the delay in Chrome OS.
It was previously thought that Chrome OS would on any day in November 2010 or be launched this month. It is to be the first major operating system for cloud computing.

If you have enough time then why not look at the YouTube videos in Google's CEO Eric Schmidt spoke about many things in

One interesting stat Eric Schmidt gave was the matter that in YouTube in every minute, 35 hours of video content are uploaded by people around the world.

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