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Apple release document reveals technical differences between GSM and CDMA iPhone


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Now that the iPhone is available both GSM and CDMA networks, Apple has a support documents that the technical differences between GSM and CDMA mobile phone displays has published.

The document, released by Apple revealed that its GSM and CDMA mobile phones in different areas, including

Call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, conference calls, insert pauses in the election and hold. In addition, the CDMA mobile phone missed some of the features they do not have a separate SIM of GSM as the iPhone.

In conference calls, the AT & T iPhone supports up to five calls simultaneously while the iPhone Verizon supports up to two calls. Apple said that CDMA networks can not "add or replace merge calls in certain situations"

In the GSM version the user can set display call forwarding, call waiting and caller ID settings in the settings. On CDMA iPhone, would provide users must first figures to enable or disable these features you choose.

The GSM iPhone can not select a hard pause, during, the CDMA. The CDMA iPhone, on the contrary, can not keep a call.

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