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Nokia Smart phone Microsoft partnership: Some Reflections


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Now the dust has settled to some extent, after Microsoft and Nokia decided to join hands in the smart phone industry. Needless to say, business was done to combat the growing dominance of Apple and Google in this area. The reaction to the deal was largely pessimistic, at least on Wall Street. Even among the leading tech blogs and websites, the reaction is largely negative. So it is a useless deal at the end would not bring any direct or will, it is make sense for the company in the long run?
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said candidly that the company said Google but could not close the deal signed one. In other words, Google and Nokia could not find a middle ground. It may sound strange, such as Motorola, Samsung and LG could bind with Google in the past without much difficulty.
Now the basic idea behind the deal, something like this: Nokia is Windows 7 operating system for smart phones, and Microsoft Office. Nokia has seen no success with its own operating system called Symbian. On the other hand, Microsoft has not seen impressive success with its Windows 7 phone. So, they urgently need a company like Nokia. So it seems that there is a win-win deal for Microsoft and Nokia. Nevertheless, no one cares, because both the two companies failed to grasp the imaginations of users so far.

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