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Windows-based Nokia mobile phones are the stores next year


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Following the announcement of the partnership with Microsoft to 14 February 2011 and on 16 February 2011, Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila in an interview with the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation, said that Windows-based Nokia phones come in 2012. He also said that in addition to Google and Microsoft, Nokia has other "potential partners."

The mobile phone giant is currently the number of mobile phone manufacturers in the world, but loses market for companies such as Apple, Samsung and HTC. Therefore, the company joined with Microsoft and announced to adopt Windows Mobile software instead of the Symbian OS. This would be a Nokia mobile phone manufacturers.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop decision to partner with Microsoft met with fierce resistance by Nokia shareholders and employees. On 15 February 2011, a group of small shareholders following the resignation of Elop Stephone and the continuation of Meego as Nokia's "primary smartphone platform, and a Nokia-Microsoft partnership deal to restructure.

During his keynote at the MWC 2011 in Barcelona, Elop said that Nokia has a greater global presence and Nokia has a great opportunity with Microsoft. According to Alan B. Lancz & Associates President Alan B. Lancz Nokia had joined Google, it would have been difficult to "differentiate", but the Nokia-Microsoft partnership has the opportunity to counter the rising popularity of Android. Now the two parties would need, how fast they can focus a new operating system in the market.

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