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Aspire D150 vs. D250: The Identical Netbooks with Different Names?


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Acer Aspire one D250 is a new netbook has just been launched in Japan and its only difference with Aspire D150 comes in CPU. Acer Aspire D250 has the same feature set of D150 except its processor that is the new Atom N280 featuring 1.66GHz clock speed.

Now everybody expects that this new Atom N280 arranges a better performance and longer battery life for D250.

I have already mentioned the ultimate result of pitting Atom N270 and N280 in different tests in the following entry:

Atom N270 vs. Atom N280/ Apt Buying Netbook Powered with N280?

Interesting thing is that PC Watch has reviewed and compared these two netbooks and practically has concluded the same think that I mentioned in that entry:

The slight improved performance result of Atom N280 used in D250 is insignificant and the battery runtime goes longer only for 4 minutes compared to what N270 causes in Aspire D150!

Aspire D150 and D250 are sold for the same price in Japan and it is reasonable.

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