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Dell Shows Off Inspiron Duo 10-inch Tablet with Dual-Core CPU and Swivel-Out Display (Update and Video)


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Intel bragged about quite a bit today in their Day 2 keynote, but amongst all the future service offerings, product partnerships, and forward-thinking gadgetry, this will surely be the standout: the Dell Inspiron Duo.

Call us crazy, but a 10-inch Windows tablet built with dual-core Intel Atom processing power and – get ready – a full QWERTY keypad that can be hidden by a swiveling tablet display, well, that really catches the eye.

Update: Dell says they’re marketing the Inspiron Duo as a consumer device capable of delivering both entertainment as a tablet-slate and productivity as a clamshell. They also mention that the Duo runs Windows 7 Home Premium and can support “a variety of popular Microsoft applications.”

Dell showcased the tablet at the IDF 2010 keynote, navigating Google Earth with silky smooth rendering, playing back a stutter-free HD version of the movie Up, and tackling some games.

All that functionality certainly sounds like a dream, but the really big news is that Dell expects this tablet to be available later this year (Update: Dell confirmed this). Of course, no exact date or any other details have been shared, so stay tuned for more news.

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Best Firefox Add-ons: NoScript


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As you probably know there are hundreds, if not thousands of exploits and threats around the web these days. Website based threats usually require an script to run (e.g., Javascript or Java), which means that blocking these scripts is a method to create another layer of security.

In the past I had seen tools and plugins to completely stop any and all scripts from running, but this was a drastic fix, because on some sites and situations you might want to run scripts.

Is there a better solution? Yes. It’s a Firefox add-on called NoScript.


The add-on will block all scripts by default, but you can customize it extensively to make sure you’ll be able to run the scripts you need or want. For example, you can pre-define a list of domains that should be allowed to run scripts, or you can allow and disallow sites and pages on the fly, while you navigate.

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