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Fujifilm introduces F200EXR with Super CCD EXR


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Fujifilm has unveiled the FinePix F200EXR digital compact, incorporating its new 1/1.6” Super CCD EXR sensor. The camera is the first to use the company's EXR technology that can use the sensor in three different ways to optimize resolution, dynamic range or low-light performance. The F200EXR has a 3.0" LCD, 5x optical zoom, dual image stabilization and HD (stills) output. An EXR Auto mode lets the camera select which of the three sensor modes is used or the user can make that decision themselves.

Key features at a glance:

  • Super CCD EXR 12 megapixel switchable sensor (6MP in low-light and dynamic range modes)
  • 5x (28-140mm equiv.) wide-angle optical zoom lens
  • Dual Image Stabilisation
  • 3” clear view LCD screen
  • High sensitivity modes (ISO 6400 at 6MP resolution & 12800 at 3MP resolution)
  • Manual controls (including aperture and shutter priority)
  • EXR Auto mode selects sensor and scene mode (Portrait, Night, Macro, Landscape. Night portrait & Backlit portrait)
  • Film Simulation mode (Provia/Standard, Velvia/Vivid, ASTIA/Soft, Black & White, Sepia)

Press Release:

FinePix F200EXR - Welcome to the Extreme Revolution

The latest F-Series compact with revolutionary Super CCD EXR switchable sensor technology; the FinePix F200EXR

February 4, 2009: First announced at Photokina 2008, Fujifilm’s new EXR technology makes its first appearance in a new camera announced today, the FinePix F200EXR.

Following a long line of famous Super CCD sensors in cameras like the FinePix F10 and FinePix F31fd, the FinePix F200EXR is designed by Fujifilm to be the perfect camera for the photographic enthusiast. Primed to be the class-leading compact of 2009, the FinePix F200EXR utilises brand new, ground-breaking technology to create an unprecedented level of image quality from a consumer level compact.

Using the human eye as the basis for the perfect camera sensor, Fujifilm has yet again extended technological boundaries, creating a Super CCD capable of registering excellent levels of detail when switched to its high resolution mode, but at the same time, capable of offering excellent quality in low light and superb highlight detail in contrasty light when switched to its high sensitivity and wide dynamic range modes respectively.

In addition to the 12 Megapixel 1/1.6”Super CCD EXR and completely redesigned EXR Processor, the FinePix F200EXR inherits its rich feature set from the FinePix F100fd, which includes a powerful Fujinon 5x wide angle optical zoom lens, and the most powerful face detection technology on the market, Face Detection 3.0, with auto red eye removal. On top of this, the F200EXR offers 5 Film Simulation Modes, a 3.0” high-resolution 230,000 dots wide view LCD, HD Photo Output, Dual Image Stabilisation and sensitivity up to ISO 12800 (3 million pixel only).

This combination of cutting-edge technology encased within a pocketable digital compact body means that advanced amateur photographers through to professionals will be able to take breathtaking pictures in the most challenging of conditions.

The world’s most versatile photographic sensor

Faced with a market driven by the demand for higher pixel counts, yet conscious that high concentrations of pixels on small sensors can produce diminishing quality returns, Fujifilm engineers had a radical rethink about sensor technology. Why not make a sensor that can flex its behaviour according to the scene to be photographed? Why not give full resolution when bright light allows, but use the pixels in a different way when the light is not ideal? The FinePix F200EXR offers 3 switchable modes in one sensor:

  • High Resolution mode, which deploys all twelve million pixels, and is designed to offer the finest detail of intricate subjects when light is full and even
  • High Sensitivity and Low Noise mode, which caps two adjacent pixels together to produce 6 million large photodiodes, which are big enough to absorb light in the darkest of conditions, to produce low-light shots of extraordinary quality with minimal noise and grain; and
  • Wide Dynamic Range mode, which captures different exposures with two sets of six million pixels, which, when combined, gives an excellent level of detail in highlights that would otherwise be lost.

In EXR Mode, the photographer can choose which sensor setting is preferable for the subject to be photographed by choosing High Resolution Priority (HR) to maximise resolution, High ISO and Low Noise Priority (SN) for high quality low-light work or D-Range Priority (DR) for the best detail with contrasty subjects.

Perfect Pictures - Automatically
The FinePix F60fd was the first digital camera to introduce SR AUTO (Scene Recognition AUTO), allowing photographers to let the camera determine the settings to ensure correct exposure, colour reproduction and lighting.

The FinePix F200 EXR takes the next technological step by combining Scene recognition technology with EXR technology by automatically and intelligently choosing the correct Super CCD EXR Priority in conjunction with a range of other controls (image quality, exposure, focus, white balance etc). Now, the photographer can let the camera choose the best sensor mode by using the revolutionary EXR AUTO mode, which is the most efficient mechanism yet invented to quickly optimise the camera’s settings to allow the photographer to concentrate on capturing the perfect shot.

EXR Auto offers six modes to choose from: Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Backlit Portrait, Night, and Night Portrait. As an example, when taking close subject, FinePix F200EXR will intelligently choose Macro mode by recognizing the scene. Then the sensor will switch to the best EXR mode that is suitable for the scene. Intelligently switching into one of High Resolution Priority (HR), High ISO and Low Noise Priority(S/N), and D-Range Priority (DR) to capture the best possible shot.

The FinePix F200EXR also retains Fujifilm’s improved exposure modes. New “Super intelligent flash” can control technology that even lets you take flash assisted macro shots without flash washout. Enables to capture subjects and background in bright, clear a natural detail over the full flash range including ultra close-ups. Other popular exposure modes such as Natural Light and with Flash (giving the user a choice of flash ‘on’ or flash ‘off’ shots) or Natural Light, is featured to capture great candid portraits when powerful flash might be intrusive.

Like all great compacts, the FinePix F200EXR lets the photographer decide the best shooting mode. On AUTO, the camera deploys 12 million pixels and operates like other standard high-class compacts. On MANUAL, the aperture and shutter speed can be chosen independently, while PROGRAM mode offers a choice of Program AE and Aperture Priority AE.

Don’t Leave Without Your Favourite Film
Photographic versatility is stretched yet further with the addition of five Film Simulation modes. Producing beautiful images is something which is in the very DNA of Fujifilm, and Fujifilm engineers are determined to leverage the considerable strengths gained through years of perfecting film to making the best sensor possible. Introduced to compacts for the very first time, the FinePix F200EXR offers Velvia/ Vivid mode for rich and luscious landscapes, Provia/ Standard mode for excellent, sharp, standard photography, ASTIA/Soft mode for fine, smooth tonality, Black and White for dramatic monochromes and Sepia for a warm-toned period look are also featured.

Great on TV Also
Images captured by the FinePix F200EXR look breathtaking when displayed on an HDTV. With standard HD cameras, HD-out means pictures can de displayed in the correct aspect ratio in excellent resolution. But with the FinePix F200EXR, noise and grain in the shadows is hardly noticeable while highlights, so often poor with conventional cameras, can be seen in excellent detail. And colour, sometimes washed out and insipid, looks bold and dramatic, especially when Film Simulation modes are used.

The Full Package
The FinePix F200EXR is fitted with the same sharp lens that made its predecessor such a winner. With its precision optics and massive 5x zoom range, from wide 28mm to long telephoto of 140 mm, the optic delivers sharp, crisp pictures to the sensor every time. And with CCD shift image stabilisation combined with high sensitivity, shots will be blur-free time after time, even in the most difficult of conditions. The FinePix F200EXR can shoot up to super high sensitivity ISO 12800.

Finally, to help with quick focusing, the FinePix F200EXR is fitted with Fujifilm’s Face Detection 3.0, which is regarded to be one of the most accurate and speedy on the market. Faces can be ‘found’ instantly and accurately at any angle.

Availability & pricing
The FinePix F200EXR will be available from end of February. Pricing will be announced nearer to the date of the launch.

Fujifilm F200 EXR specifications


• 1/1.6 " Super CCD EXR
• 12.0 million effective pixels

Image sizes

• 4:3 : 4000 x 3000, 2816 x 2112, 2048 x 1536
• 3:2 : 4000 x 2664, 2816 x 1864, 2048 x 1360
• 16:9 : 4000 x 2248, 2816 x 1584, 1920 x 1080

Movie clips • 640 x 480 pixels, 320 x 240 pixels @ 30 fps
• AVI (Motion JPEG )
File formats • JPEG (Exif Ver. 2.2 )
• Movie : AVI (Motion JPEG ) with sound
• Audio: WAVE format, Monaural sound

• Fujinon 5x Optical zoom lens
• 28-140mm equiv.
• f=6.4mm -32.0mm

Image stabilization CCD-shift
Digital zoom Approx. 4.4x

Auto Focus

AF area modes

• Cente
• Area
• Multi
• Continous AF

AF assist lamp Yes
Focus distance • Normal: Wide angle: Approx. 45cm / 1.5 ft to infinity, Telephoto: Approx. 80cm / 2.6 ft. to infinity
• Macro: Wide angle: Approx. 5cm/ 0.2 ft. to 80cm / 2.6 ft Telephoto: Approx. 50cm / 1.6 ft to 1m / 3.3 ft
ISO sensitivity

• Auto
• Auto (3200)
• Auto (1600)
• Auto (800)
• Auto (400)
• ISO 100
• ISO 200
• ISO 400
• ISO 800
• ISO 1600
• ISO 3200
• ISO 6400 & ISO 12800 at 3M recorded pixels or lower

Metering TTL 256-zones metering
Exposure modes Programmed AE, Aperture Priority AE, Manual
Shuttter speed Auto : 1/4 sec to 1/1500 sec
All other modes : 8 sec to 1/1500 sec
Aperture Wide: F3.3 – F9.0
Tele:F5.1 - F14
Shooting modes

• Mode dial: Auto, Natural Light, Natural Light with Flash, SP, P(Program), M (Manual), Movie
• SP1 / SP2: Portrait, Portrait Enhancer, Landscape, Sport, Night, Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Underwater, Museum, Party, Flower, Text

White balance Automatic scene recognition. Preset (Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light and Custom
White balance fine tune No
Self timer Approx. 10 sec./ 2 sec. delay
Continuous shooting Modes • Top-3
• High-speed Top-12 (Number of recorded pixels :”S” only)
• Final-3
• High Speed FInal-12 (Number of recorded pixels :”S” only)
• Long-period 

• Auto flash Effective range: 4.3 m
• Flash modes : Red-eye removal on/off: Auto, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro.

LCD monitor

• 3.0 inch
• approx. 230,000 pixels
• Amorphous Silicon TFT color LCD monitor
• approx. 100% coverage

Digital input/output

• USB 2.0 High Speed

Video output NTSC / PAL selectable
HD OUT Analog component/HDC-1 component video cable for digital camera
Storage • Internal memory (Approx. 48 MB)
• xD-Picture card(16MB-2GB)
• SD/SDHC memory card
Power • Rechargeable NP-50 Li-ion battery (included)
Weight (no batt) Approx. 175 g
Dimensions 98 (W) x 59 (H) x 23 (D) mm
3.8 (W) x 2.3 (H) x 0.9 (D)

Additional images

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Fujifilm releases A150 & A100 budget cameras


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Fujifilm has announced the A150 and A100 budget compact cameras. The near-identical features of both the cameras include 10MP sensors, 3x optical zoom (35.5 - 106.5mm equiv), Face Detection with red-eye removal and 14 scene modes, including a movie mode. The A150 has a slightly bigger 3.0 inch LCD, while the A100 makes do with a 2.7 inch LCD unit.

Key features at a glance:

  • 10 Megapixels
  • 3x zoom and 5.7 digital zoom – total zoom range of 17.1
  • Face Detection technology with automatic red-eye removal
  • ISO 1600 sensitivity
  • Picture Stabilisation mode
  • Movie Mode with sound
  • Powered by two AA batteries
  • 14 scene modes
  • A150 – 3” LCD screen
  • A100 – 2.7” LCD screen
  • 23mm thin

Press Release:

Quality With Economy: Fujifilm A100 and A150

February 4, 2009: Fujifilm are proud to announce the launch of two new ‘A’ series compact cameras – the A100 and the A150 – continuing the success of the hugely popular A-series range of fun, easy-to-use compact cameras.

Many people want a camera that’s easy on the wallet, high on performance and user-friendly, but don’t want to be confused by too many functions and settings. Fujifilm’s new ‘A’ series compacts provide just that; basic, but highly-effective technology and great image quality, all within an elegant and stylish shell. The Fujifilm A100 and A150 are ideal compact cameras for families, grandparents and kids alike, or for anyone who is investing in their first digital camera.

These camera models may be extremely easy to use, but no compromises have been made on functionality. Both models feature a core specification of 10 Megapixels, high sensitivity settings up to ISO 1600 which means that even in challenging low-light conditions, such as cloudy and rainy weather the image quality still shines through. Fujifilm’s famous Face Detection technology ensures that facial features remain sharp and beautifully exposed - it’s so clever that it even instantly removes horrible red-eye. A value-range compact camera, the A100 and A150 also include Picture Stabilisation technology enabling you to say goodbye to blurry, fuzzy images, and say hello to pin-sharp, crystal clear images at the touch of a button. The A100 and A150 both include a high quality Fujinon 3x zoom, with an added 5.7x digital zoom. Combined, they offer an impressive and versatile 17.1x total zoom range. Why wait for the entertainment to come to you when you can shoot the action from where you stand?

Strike a Pose
For added peace of mind Fujifilm have included 14 useful pre-programmed scene modes. So, if you want to capture a photo of the perfect sand-castle being built switch the camera to “Beach” mode; drinks in the disco-bar with friends can be captured perfectly in “Party” mode. These clever Scene Positions mean that the camera automatically selects the appropriate shutter speed, exposure and white balance to suit the scene and guarantee the best picture possible. Sounds complicated, but with the Fujifilm A150 and A100 it’s as easy as pushing a button. Maximum results, minimum effort.

For an even greater choice the A150 features an impressive 3” LCD screen, while the A100 features a 2.7” LCD screen.

In addition to stills, you can also create your own movies with sound. The A100 and A150’s QVGA Movie Mode enable users to create their own 30 frames per second video clips in camera.

The A150 and A100 feature 52MB of internal memory, which is a great back-up storage option, so users can continue to shoot and save pictures even when the media card is full. What’s more, the camera’s low power consumption (operating on two standard AA batteries) means users will never miss out on capturing the action.

Again Fujifilm have produced two cameras that deliver three key features; excellent image quality, simple operation and enviable good looks, with a price tag that will put a smile on your face and money left in your wallet.

Availability & pricing
The A100 and A150 will be available from end of February. Pricing will be announced nearer to the date of the launch.

Fujifilm Finepix A150/ A100 specifications

FinePix A150 FinePix A100

• 1/2.3 " Type CCD
• 10.0 million effective pixels

Image sizes

• 3,648 x 2,736 (10M)
• 3,648 x 2,432 (3:2 format)
• 2,592 x 1,944
• 2,048 x 1,536
• 1,600 x 1,200
• 640 x 480

Movie clips • 640 x 480 pixels, 320 x 240 pixels, 30 frames/sec. with mono sound
File formats • Still image : JPEG (Exif Ver. 2.2 )/ DPOF-compatible)
• Movie : AVI (Motion JPEG )

• Fujinon 3x Optical zoom lens
• F3.1 - F5.6
• f=6.3mm – 18.9mm
• 35.5 - 106.5 mm equiv.

Image stabilization No
Digital zoom Approx. 5.7x

Auto Focus

AF area modes • Cente
• Area
• Multi
• Continous AF
AF assist lamp Yes
Focus distance • Normal: Approx. 40cm / 1.3 ft. to infinity
• Macro: Approx. 10cm / 3.9 in. to 80cm / 2.6 ft.
Metering TTL 256-zones metering
ISO sensitivity

• Auto
• ISO 100
• ISO 200
• ISO 400
• ISO 800
• ISO 1600
(Standard Output Sensitivity)

Shuttter speed 8 sec. to 1/2000 sec
Aperture F3.1 – F5.6
Modes • Programmed AE
• Scene
• Movie
Scene modes

• Portrait
• Landscape
• Sport
• Night
• Fireworks
• Sunset
• Snow
• Beach
• Museum
• Party
• Flower
• Text
• Baby
• Anti-blur
• Natural light

White balance

• Automatic scene recognition
• Preset (Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light)

Self timer Approx. 10 sec./ 2 sec. delay
Continuous shooting • Top-3
Flash • Auto flash
• Effective range: (ISO AUTO):
Wide angle: approx. 0.5m / 1.6t. to 3.9m / 10.5 ft.
Telephoto:, approx. 0.5m / 1.6 ft. to 2.0m / 5.9ft.
Macro : approx. 30cm / 1.0 ft.to 80cm / 2.6 ft.
• Flash modes: Red-eye Reduction Auto, Red-eye Reduction & Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Red-eye Reduction & Slow Synchro
LCD monitor

• 3.0-inch
• approx. 230,0000 pixels
• Amorphous silicon TFT colours LCD monitor
• approx. 97% coverage

• 2.7-inch
• approx. 230,0000 pixels
• Amorphous silicon TFT colours LCD monitor
• approx. 97% coverage
Digital input/output • USB 2.0 High Speed
Video output

NTSC / PAL selectable

Storage • 52 MBInternal memory
• SD / SDHC memory card
Power AA alkaline batteries(included)
Weight (no batt) Approx. 130g / 4.3 oz Approx. 124g / 4.1 oz
Dimensions 92 (W) x 61(H) x 22 (D) mm
3.6 (W) x 2.4 (H) x 1.1(D) in.

Additional images

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Nikon unveils Coolpix P90 24X superzoom


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Pre-PMA 2009: Nikon has unveiled the Coolpix P90 superzoom with 24x optical zoom. With 26mm - 624mm (35mm equiv.) zoom range this superzoom camera sports a 12.1 MP sensor, 3.0 inch tilting LCD and includes manual and auto features such as Scene Auto Selector, Smile Mode, Blink warning and P/A/S/M exposure modes. In addition, continuous shooting mode can deliver 45 images at 15 fps, with images being recorded before pressing the shutter button.

Press Release:

Nikon’s Ultra-Zoom Bridge Camera

Nikon introduces 24x zoom compact camera

Nikon UK is proud to announce the P90 compact camera that boasts an impressive 24x wide angle optical zoom. Its high-performance super-telephoto zoom, wide-angle capabilities and other powerful features are combined in an easy-to-use camera, making it ideal for users looking for the famous Nikon quality, in a camera that’s compact and portable.

Mark Pekelharing, Product Manager Consumer Products at Nikon Europe B.V: “This camera demonstrates Nikon’s devotion to camera enthusiasts. The amazingly powerful 24x zoom, 3.0-inch LCD screen with vari-angle tilt function, vibration reduction, and high sensitivity make the P90 a no-compromise bridge between a compact camera and a D-SLR.”

Features to write home about
The P90 has an immensely powerful 24x optical zoom that offers the 35mm-equivalent of a 26mm wide-angle to a 624mm telephoto and is capable of shooting pictures as close up as 1cm. High-speed continuous shooting up to 45 shots at 15 fps means it is an ideal camera for sports photography and can even record images before you’ve pressed the button. Add to this its 12.1 effective megapixels and sensitivity up to ISO 6400, and it is clear why it excels in almost any shooting situation. Users can set it to full automatic or various manual settings using the camera’s four exposure modes (PSAM) and compose their ideal picture using the electronic viewfinder. The camera offers many other Nikon-quality features such as four Anti-blur technologies, Auto Scene and Face Priority AF, recognising up to twelve faces. It also includes the latest features, such as Smile Mode and Blink Warning, Nikon’s proprietary D-Lighting for optimising contrast and Quick Retouch. The camera can also record movies, including time-lapse movies and its 3-inch vari-angle LCD screen makes taking pictures easy even in challenging situations.

The P90 comes supplied with a USB cable, audio/video cable, strap and a software suite for COOLPIX CD-ROM. It will be available in Black All Nikon cameras come with 2GB free online image storage at Nikon’s my Picturetown service on mypicturetown.com.

Nikon Coolpix P90 specifications


• 1/2.33 " Type CCD
• 12.1 million effective pixels
• 12.7 million effective pixels

Lens • 24x Zoom-Nikkor (26 - 624 mm equiv.)
• F2.8- F5.0
Image dimensions

• 4000 x 3000 (12M)
• 3264 x 2448 (8M)
• 2592 x 1944 (5M)
• 2048 x 1536 (3M)
• 1600 x 1200 (2M)
• 1280 x 960 (1M)
• 1024×768 (PC)
• 640 x 480 (TV)
• 3984 x 2656 (3:2)
• 3968 x 2232 (16:9)
• 2992 x 2992 (1:1)

Movie Modes

• 640 x 480
• 320 x 240

Image stabilization Optical
Digital zoom Up to 4x
Focus Contrast-detect TTL AF
Focus distance • 10 cm to infinity (∞)
• Macro close-up mode: 1 cm to infinity (∞)
ISO sensitivity • Full res: ISO 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400
Scene Modes • Portrait
• Panorama Assist
• Close Up
• Sunset
• Night Landscape
• Fireworks Show
• Night Portrait
• Copy
• Beach/Snow
• Dusk/Dawn
• Museum
• Landscape
• Back Light
• Food
• Party
LCD monitor • 3.0-in tilting LCD
• 230,000-dot
Other features

• Smile Timer
• Blink Warning

Storage • SD / SDHC card (optional)
• Approx 50 MB internal memory
Power • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL5
• Approx 230 shots
• AC Adapter EH-62A
Supplied Software Software Suite CD-ROM
Supplied Accessories • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery EN-EL5
• Battery Charge MH-61
• USB Cable UC-E6
• Audio/Video Cable EG-CP14
• Strap AN-CP18
• Lens Cap LC-CP19
• Software Suite for COOLPIX CD-ROM
Weight (no batt) Approx. 400 g
Dimensions Approx.83 x 114 x 99 mm (3.3 x 4.5 x 3.9 in)

Additional images

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Nikon announces four Coolpix S-series compacts


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Pre-PMA 2009: Nikon has introduces four new S-series Coolpix ultra-compact cameras, the S630, S620, S230 and S220. The S630 has a 7x zoom and 12MP sensor, the S620 also offers 12MP with only a 4x zoom (but starting at 28mm equiv). The S230 and S220 are both 10MP models with 3x optical zooms. S230 has a 3.0" touch-screen while the S200 makes do with a conventional 2.5" affair.

Press Release:

Nikon UK is introducing an upgraded S-Series line-up that includes the S630, S620, S230 and S220. All four models have been designed with one thing in mind: to offer users ultimate style, speed and simplicity in a compact camera body.

The S630 is compact, and stylishly designed with a special Sure grip for a comfortable finger-fit. The S620 has the best ISO standard of any compact camera in its class. The S230 is both stylish and easy to use thanks to its advanced touch-screen system, while the S220 looks elegant, but easy to use. All 4 models are available in colours that fit any taste or personality, and all feature Nikon’s EXPEED image-processing concept.

Mark Pekelharing, Product Manager Consumer Products at Nikon Europe B.V: “We are very proud of our colourful new S-Series line-up and believe we have a camera to suit anyone’s taste. The cameras are a joy to use. They look good, feel good and produce stunning pictures.”

The S630 – fit for anyone
With a Sure Grip that comfortably fits your hand, taking pictures with the S630 simply feels right. Its performance is right on the mark too. With 12 million effective megapixels, image-sensor shift VR (Vibration Reduction) and a superb 7x optical zoom NIKKOR lens, the quality of the images it produces will enhance any occasion. It boasts cutting edge features such as the all-new Blink Proof feature, which combines Smile mode and Blink Warning. This function detects a face and automatically takes two sequential shots when the subject smiles, then saves the one in which the subject’s eyes are open. Add Scene Auto mode, which automatically adjusts the settings to suit the scene, a Sports Continuous Mode with up to 10 fps and a Quick Retouch function, and this is clearly a camera to be reckoned with. It is available in Black or Ruby Red.

The S620 – built for speed
Clocking in with a start-up time of just 0.7s, this is an extremely fast camera housed in a compact, well designed body. The S620 features 12.2 effective megapixels, a NIKKOR 4x zoom lens covering wide-angle 28mm (35mm-format equivalent), and a 2.7-inch, wide-viewing angle LCD monitor. Yet such a small body also houses a vast array of high-performance shooting features. Also unique for a compact digital camera, the S620 has a high sensitivity range up to ISO 6400 for low noise at full-size images. It also includes four anti-blur technologies, including lens-shift VR, and Motion Detection, new Blink Proof and Quick Retouch, Subject Tracking AF and Scene Auto Selector. The metallic body with its elegant curves is available in Bright Silver, Calm Black, Noble Purple and Precious Pink. It's the obvious choice for anyone looking for a combination of performance and style.

S230/S220 – sensible style and powerful simplicity
Slim, compact and stylish, this duo is perhaps the most elegant of the new S-Series. The S230 features a combination of an advanced 3.0 inch touch-screen with basic buttons, so taking photographs is great fun and very easy. It also incorporates an array of advanced functions such as the new Blink Proof, Quick Retouch, Scene Auto Selector and Scene Mode. Blink Proof ensures you won’t take pictures of anyone with their eyes closed. Quick Retouch allows you to retouch images after they’ve been taken using advanced technologies from Nikon’s award winning D-SLRs. Seventeen scene modes in the S230 and sixteen in the S220 allow you to choose the perfect camera settings for almost any shooting situation. In addition to 10 effective megapixels and a NIKKOR 3x zoom lens, these models offer Electronic Vibration Reduction, a high sensitivity range up to ISO 2000 and Motion Detection to make picture-taking easy in any situation. At just 18mm, the S220 is thin and lightweight (approx. 100 g) and has a 2.5-inch LCD monitor for reviewing your pictures. Both cameras have stylish metallic bodies that will fit any small bag and come in a range of fashionable colours varying from Soft Silver, Warm Silver, Aqua Green, Gloss Red, Night Blue, Cobalt Blue, Magenta and Purple to Black.

Nikon Coolpix S630 images

Nikon Coolpix S620 images

Nikon Coolpix S230 images

Nikon Coolpix S220 images

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Nikon releases three L-series budget cameras


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Pre-PMA 2009: Nikon has announced the L100, L20 and L19 budget cameras. The L100 is a superzoom with 15x optical zoom (28-420mm equiv) and 10MP sensor. It includes features such as Image Stabilization, D-lighting and a Sports Continuous mode that allows shooting at up to 13 frames per second. The L19 and L20 are more conventional comapcts with 8MP and a 2.7" LCD and 10MP and a 3.0" LCD respectively. They share a 3.6X zoom lens.

Press Release:

Nikon announces new Coolpix cameras

Nikon UK announces three new affordable, exciting COOLPIX cameras: the L100, L20 and the L19. All three are packed with high-quality features that make taking photographs a joy, without stretching the budget.

With superb quality NIKKOR lenses, these cameras are both easy to carry and easy to use and include features such as Scene Auto selector, Smile Mode and Blink Warning - making great images possible for everyone.

Mark Pekelharing, Product Manager Consumer Products at Nikon Europe B.V: “Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a camera. With these three new cameras, you get the best of both worlds: quality imaging with many exciting features, and all at an affordable price.”

Enjoy your photography
The L100 boasts 10 effective megapixels, Nikon’s EXPEED digital image processing system for high performance and a 15x zoom NIKKOR lens covering a wide-angle 28mm to super-telephoto 420mm (35mm-format equivalent) - you know you’re going to capture almost any scene in detail. Put it in macro mode, and you can even capture objects from as close up as 1 cm. With four anti-blur features, including Image Sensor Shift VR image stabilisation, you can rest assured that it’s also going to be in focus.

You will also appreciate the L100 if you enjoy sports photography, as the L100’s Sports Continuous Mode allows up to 13 fps. Scene Auto Selector automatically adjusts the settings to suit the scene. Smile Mode takes the picture when your subject looks his or her best whilst Blink Warning warns you when your subjects have their eyes closed. Other features include In-Camera Red-Eye Fix for beautiful portraits, D-Lighting for in-camera image enhancement, 15 Scene Modes, movies with sound, and Active Zoom, amongst others.

With a sensitivity range up to ISO 3200, problems images in poor lighting are a thing of the past. This is further enhanced by the camera’s Motion Detection system, which detects camera shake or subject movement during shooting, automatically selecting a faster shutter speed and higher ISO sensitivity.

Easy does it
The L20 and L19 (10 and 8 effective MP respectively) have several features that ensure smooth and comfortable shooting, such as Full-Auto Mode, Scene Auto Selector, Smile Mode and Blink Warning. Power them with two AA-size batteries that are available anywhere, and you’ll never miss a shot. Large buttons and controls, and a 3-inch and 2.7-inch LCD monitor on the L20 and L19 respectively, improve operational ease.

Both cameras record movies and a special new feature for both is the Scene Auto Selector. This automatically judges a scene by its subject and surrounding conditions and chooses the best setting. Now you won’t have to worry about the mode-setting procedure and you will always be ready for speedy, smooth shooting. The L20 is available in black metallic and deep red, the L19 in bright silver or shiny pink.

Taking great pictures with a great looking camera is easy, and very affordable.

The L100, L20 and L19 come with a strap, AA-batteries, USB and audio/video cables, and the COOLPIX software suite. All cameras come with 2GB free online image storage at Nikon’s my Picturetown service on mypicturetown.

Nikon Coolpix L100 images

Nikon Coolpix L20 images

Nikon Coolpix L19 images

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HP’s MIE Linux Distro Made for Mini 1000 Runs on Aspire One Pretty well


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As you Know, HP released its exclusive Linux OS MIE Linux Distro which is a nice variant of Ubuntu for its own netbook HP Mini 1000. If you have Mini 1000 and would like to run this Open source OS you can download the drivers from here.

But there are always computer enthusiasts who love to test new things on their computing devices. This time a curious user- Dan from Dan's Web installed the drivers of HP’s MIE Linux Distro on its Acer Aspire one netbook and has made a video of it that you can watch after the break.

Except missing of an audio driver, other drivers were installed on Aspire one well and the Linux OS ran on the netbook pretty well, too. He could easily use its network connectivity including WiFi and even Bluetooth. He thinks using this Linux OS is quite easy for Windows users.

One big problem with this HP’s MIE is downloading of a big file.

Via: engadget

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Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet to Release on February 11th?


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I mentioned most of the feature set and the pictures of upcoming Dell Latitude XT2 in the following entry:

-The Feature Set- Specs of Dell 12.1-in Latitude XT2 Tablet Leaked Out

Moving business blog has published an image of full specs of this laptop and has claimed Dell is launching it this week on Februray 11th.

The image confirms all the information I had talked about before:

Technology: Intel Centrino 2 and vPro Technology for System management

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo ULV 1.2GHz SU9300 or 1.4GHz SU9400 CPUs

Memory: up to 5GB DDR3 1066MHz

Hard Drive: 80GB/ 120GB (5400 rpm) HDD or 64GB SSD

Optical Drive: External DVD burner

Display: 12.1-inch Premium WXGA (1280 X 800) LED multi-touch display with free pen; an option for display with daylight viewable LED

Graphics card: Integrated Intel GMA4500MHD

Ports/Slots: 2USB ports, 1USB/eSATA, FireWire, VGA, Audio, ExpressCard, SD card Slot; docking media slice,

Network: Wireless LAN A/B/G/N; mobile Broadband (3G); Bluetooth, Ethernet LAN,

Security: Fingerprint reader, TPM, optional smart card reader, Dell controlVault, Dell ControlPoint Security Manager

Weight: 3.62lbs with 4-cell battery/ 3.78 with 6-cell battery

Others: optional carrying case, Full-size keyboard and dual pointing,

As you have noticed, the tablet comes with external optical drive. Although it is very nice for portability, it brings its own limitation and additional cost too.

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Samsung NC10 - Special Edition Available for Preorder at Amazon for $500


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Samsung NC10 has not only caught the eyes of general public, but It has also got the praise of laptop experts in terms of design, keyboard and built since it was launched in the market.

Samsung is going to launch Samsung NC10 - Special Edition in Black soon and now it is available for pre-order at Amazon costing at $500.

Samsung NC10 - Special Editio offers 5900mAh 6-cell High Capacity battery for up to 9.4 hours of continuous run-time, and larger touch pad than other NC10 models.

The netbook features:

Display: 10.2 inch WSVGA anti-glare display with 250 nits of brightness with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution

CPU: 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU (533 MHz FSB, 512 KB Level 2 Cache)

Memory: 1GB of RAM DDR2 800 MHz

Hard Drive: 160GB hard drive,

Battery: 6-cell battery up to 9.4 hours run-time

Weight: 2.8 pounds

OS: Windows XP Home Edition

Others: Silver-Nano Full-size keyboard; larger touchpad than other NC10 models; integrated webcam

Network: LAN, 802.11b / g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

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Acer Aspire One AOD150 Video Review;Order at Amazon for $350


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Updated: This laptop is available now at Amazon and J&R for purchase with the price tag of $350 and it should be available from other retailers this week according to crave cnet. I have mentioned the links of amazon and J&R in the following.


Acer Aspire one AOD 150 first was appeared at J&R for preorder with the price tag of $350. Right Now Amazon is also offering this netbook for preorder with the same price tag of $350.

Meanwhile netbooknews.de had its hands on this netbook. First it published plenty nice unboxing pictures of this netbook and then it made a video review of this netbook that you can see after the break.

The reviewer is not very satisfied with the keyboard and the material of palm rest. According to him, the palm rest feels like plastic with some flex and the keyboard is not yet pretty standard for a 10-inch netbook. Also, he thinks that the glossy screen is not usable for outdoors. He believes that Samsung NC10 comes with better keyboard. In the end he had more expectation from Acer with its standout Aspire one to offer better-designed netbook for 2009.

Aspire One AOD 150 comes with the following feature set:

CPU: Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz Processor (512 KB L2 Cache, 533 MHz Front Bus speed)

Memory: 1024 MB DDR2 (PC2-4200) RAM

Hard drive: 160 GB (5400 RPM) SATA Hard Drive

Display: 10.1" diagonal glossy WSVGA (1024 x 600) Widescreen Display

Others: Integrated Crystal Eye Webcam, Built-in Stereo Speakers

Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

Network: Acer InviLink 802.11b/g Wireless; 10/100 Ethernet LAN

Ports/ Slot: 3 x USB 2.0, Headphone/Speaker/Line-Out, Microphone-in, VGA, RJ-45 (LAN); Media Card Reader consisting of SD, MMC, RS-MMC, MS, MS Pro, xD

Battery: 6-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery

Dimensions: 10.2" (W) x 7.28" (D) x 1.31" (H)

Weight: 2.95 Pounds

OS: Windows XP Home

In a brief glance at Pre-ordering Asus Eee 1000HE with the price tag of $374 and Acer Aspire One AOD 150 with the price tag of $350, it is clear that Eee 1000HE is a better option for purchase; however, there are many people who prefer the blue AOD150 to the black 1000HE and for this reason they prefer more to choose AOD150 a gorgeous gift for her or even him for valentine’s day.

But I recommend Eee 1000HE because with only paying for extra $24 for Asus Eee 1000HE the consumer will be able to utilize much more facilities like faster Atom N280 CPU at 1.66GHz with faster FSB (667MHz), up to 9.5 Hours very long battery life that AOD150 can never deliver it with its 6-cell battery, and Wireless-n and Bluetooth.

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Sakshat $30: laptop or storage device?


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Well, I really do not like this matter and at all Indian government. I expected them to be serious and professional when they announced that they are going to make a laptop of $20. Even in the price of laptop was more. It was not a problem because the same thing happened with $100 OLPC project. The OLPC project could not cut the cost and work forced to make it more than $170. So, there is nothing wrong or problem about it. However, the funny thing is that 2-3 days, Indian government show displayed Sakshat which in fact not a laptop but a storage device and its price will not given $10. Its price will be $30. I really can not understand what is a relationship with between storage device and a laptop. So, it is very bad publicity for Indian manufacturing sector. You should know that India is not famous for its manufacturing and this goes to China. So, Indian government is trying very hard to attract the manufacturing companies from Europe and America to come and set up plans in India and this can ensure a lot of jobs for the Indian people. However, this 77 set back will surely discourage some leading companies about this matter. Another project that has got a lot of publicity is world cheapest car TATA nano but the reality is that TATA nano is yet to come to the market and there is no sign that when it will come.

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Is Microsoft insulting consumers with Windows 7?


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This is a question that may not by PC world blogger Zack Stern. He thinks that Microsoft is insulting the consumers with this matter as they are introducing 6th version. He feels that they should release version and consumer should have more respect from the richest company in the world. In my entry, I have already told that I can not care whether it is a 6th version or 16th version. The only thing I care is that Microsoft should try to address the concern of the low income countries in Asia and Africa. There should be another version exclusively for this people. I even don’t mind if the cheap version is limited with its function.

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Windows 7: Is Microsoft making it a joke?


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I wonder whether Microsoft is really making Windows 7 a joke or not because it is releasing the version with 6 editions. I can not think of any other operating system even from Microsoft that contains so many version. So, PC world has made a joke about that they have suggested some more versions and it seems that some readers also agree and they also think that it is funny.

Well, I do not know about you but I feel that Microsoft should have another extra version for the third world countries. In many countries of Asia and Africa, many people are eager to use original software but they are forced to boy pirated version of windows operating system simply because they can not afford to buy. If they can come with a basic version of Windows 7 for the developing countries and keep the price really very inexpensive then I think that it will be a very good thing. So, I want Microsoft to take note of this matter and come up with them extremely inexpensive version even it can just do some basic functions. Reality is that most people don’t make to do higher work. They are happy just by some word processing and internet browsing related activities.

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PC World

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Intel Ships New Faster Atom N280 Processor to PC Makers


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Before Intel announces the starting shipment of new single-core Atom N280 to PC makers, we learned about this CPU with emergence of Asus Eee PC 1000HE in Web. Although we expected to see this CPU in H2 2009, fortunately it coming out much earlier to the market.

The soon-arrived Atom N280 CPU features a slightly faster clock running 1.66GHz and faster front-side bus of 667MHz. The CPU is based on new GN40 chipset that consist of a better integrated graphics to support high-definition 720p HD video content. Atom N280 draws power as little as 2.5 watts like N270.

Intel first release Atom N270 aimed to operate just basic computing functionality and deliver the least graphics capabilities. Well first nobody expected to be able to stream high-definition vide on netbooks. But gradually the other chip makers like VIA or freescale and nVidia- the graphic company started to elicit this expectation with offering their own chipsets and platform. So, this has farced Intel to offer better integrated graphics capacity with its new N280.

Atom N270 features 1.6 GHz clock speed and 553MHz FSB and drains only 2.5 watts of power. The N270 with 945GSE chipset comes with a low quality integrated graphics that can not support the HD videos.

Source: PC World

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Eee 1000HE:Much Better Revamped of Eee1000H; Preorder At Amazon


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According to the test done by Laptop Magazine, this netbook comes equipped with the old Intel 945GSE graphics with a 950GMA chip. However. If you plug one of MSI Wind U120 or Eee PC 1000H to a 32-inch external monitor with1360×768 resolution through VGA port, you will be able to watch 720p video.

Asus Eee PC 1000HE first appeared in Asus website for pre-order and after few days it hit
Taiwan with the price tag of $565 US. Right Now this netbook is available for pre-order at Amazon with the price tag of $374. Although Amazon has not mentioned the shipping date, it is clear that the laptop netbook will be available in the US within next few days. Valentine shopping is a nice opportunity for Asus to sell a number of its new Eee PC 1000HE netbook especially its rival Aspire One D150 is available for pre-order at Amazon and J&R pricing at $350.

Asus Eee PC 1000HE is a find revamped variant of Eee PC 1000H. The Advantages of Eee PC 1000HE over Eee 1000 are 4 important Features:

- The chiclet keyboard with better panel and responsive better positioned keys.

- A new chipset with slightly faster CPU with fast FSB (667MHz) that includes better integrated graphics to support 720p HD video content.

- Longer battery life lasting up to 9.5 Hours

- costing cheaper than current Eee PC 1000H


Laptop Magazine evaluated this new netbook and is satisfied with the new keyboard and its firm panel and revamp of the shift key (repositioning from the right side to the up left side of the arrow).

“We were able to score 83 words per minute on the Ten Thumbs online typing test with the 1000HE (we scored 75 words per minute when we took the same test on our desktop computer).”

(You can watch a brief review of this netbook in a video in Laptop magazine)

As you see, Asus has tried to go two or three steps forward and revamp its successful 10-in Eee PC 1000H with key factors.

However, the new Eee PC 1000HE retains the same chassis, display and . This netbook is a little bit larger and heavier than the current Eee 1000H.

The black Asus Eee PC 1000HE available at Amazon.com comes with 10-inch LED Backlit WSVGA display (1024 x 600 pixels), 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N280 Processor (, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive (, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, XP Home, 6 Cell Battery lasting up to 9.5 hours and Built-in camera.

Additionally, The netbook features 10/100Mbps LAN Stereo Speakers Memory Card Slot - MultiMedia Card (MMC), Secure Digital (SD) Card, SDHC Connections - 3 x USB, VGA, Headphone, Microphone, and RJ-45 (LAN).

In Taiwan, Asus has launched Asus Eee PC 1000HG with price tag of NT $18,980 or about $565 USD which is much more expensive than the 1000HE netbook available at Amazon. Well there is a nice reason for this extra cost:

Not only does Eee PC 1000HG come with Bluetooth, but it also comes with a built in 3.5G modem connecting through HSDPA and HSUPA networks. However, this Taiwanese model lacks Wireless-n and comes with Atom N270 CPU rather than the faster N280.

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