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HP dv2z, dv3t, and dv6z Artist Edition Notebook dv6t launched for students


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Just in time for summer, HP offers stylish and affordable from the HP Pavilion laptop ultra dv2z and powerful portable HP Pavilion dv6t students to enjoy the performance and design of portable HP.

The HP Pavilion dv2z starting at $ 599 is an affordable, thin and light notebook that is perfect for the student on the go. Less than 1-inch thin and from 3.81 pounds, has a 12.1 inch diagonal widescreen LED mercury-free and features of HP MediaSmart software, which provides one-touch access to entertainment. The dv2z offers an AMD processor, a discrete graphics, large capacity up to 500GB hard drive, optional Blu-ray disc and the support of a wide range of ports, with pricing that offers unprecedented value to consumers for your class.

The laptop will be available on the HP website for purchase starting tomorrow (June 10).

The 16-inch Intel-based HP Pavilion dv6t starting at $ 649 offers the latest features of digital entertainment and mobile technologies. HP MediaSmart software, entertainment dv6t makes a click away - watch movies, view photos, listen and create music videos has never been so easy. Its 16-inch diagonal widescreen LED display offers a 16:9 aspect ratio for full screen viewing of high definition TV (with optional TV tuner) and other HD content.

The dv6z HP Pavilion Artist Edition 2 from $ 949 includes all the features of the HP Pavilion dv6z more winning design of the HP 2008 Notebook MTV Design - a design inspired by the sea and sky in Okinawa, Japan. Students can also use a robust package of software and entertainment software from Corel, including Video Studio X2, Sketchpad Corel Painter and Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. With MAGIX Music Maker 14, students can create their songs. The Artist Edition notebook PC is expected to be available starting June 10.

The 13.3-inch Intel-based HP Pavilion dv3t starting at $ 649 is a thin and lightweight, portable entertainment. At approximately 1.25 inches thick and just under 5 pounds, the dv3t has a maximum of 8GB of memory, integrated optical drive and the option for the Blue Ray and optional discrete graphics, Wireless N, Bluetooth, and up to 4 hours Battery life up to 7 hours with optional 9-cell battery and a wide range of connectivity options.

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Update for HP Pavilion Notebook PC features AMD Athlon dv2 Neo


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AMD will launch its dual-core Athlon processor Neo in the updated HP Pavilion dv2 ultra portable laptop. The notebook offers a 12-inch screen and runs on the Windows Vista operating system quite smoothly. The main attraction of the laptop is the new AMD dual-core processor's low power Athlon Neo is expected to be a competitor of Intel ULV (ultra low voltage) chips. ULV Intel chips were originally intended for expensive laptop models, but recently, ULV low-cost chips for use in ultra-thin notebooks.

Well, the chips will be followed Neo AMD Athlon dual-core processors hit the market to Congo in the third quarter. The updated HP Pavilion dv2 also features 320 GB HDD and 4 GB of memory. The laptop is only available for $ 700. So you can understand that the HP Pavilion dv2 appears to be much more attractive in its updated form. However, I do not know how much battery life will be available in the laptop, which is powered by dual core 1.6 GHz CPU MV-40 Neo, but one thing is sure Neo Athlon dual core processors will consume more energy the single-core processors.

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Asus at Computex 2009


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Asus is an Asian company while Computex is one of the major technology events of the year in Asia. The main companies in the world are attending the fair, but Asus is a more important-you have in your home. The company made a press conference and officials sounded pleased with the response I got from visitors.

In a press release:

Recognized ASUS NETBOOK Inventing by the BBC, ASUS President promised "to innovate"

ASUS was attributed the creation of the first notebook in a special feature on the BBC Computex 2009, was filed on 03 June 2009. "He invented the ASUS NETBOOK" reportedly "the only truly revolutionary gadget created by a home-grown company." When asked why ASUS remains unfazed by the growing number of imitations on the market, "ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Chairman Jonney Shih said:" The soul is ASUS 'innovative' ... which are widely used for [ competition]. just need to innovate. " Mr. Shih said the Eee PC ™ Seashell as a typical result of ASUS 'culture of innovation, the description of ASUS latest ultra mobile Internet device that has the best balance of beauty, long battery life and performance .

Well, it is time that the company gives more importance to other products not only netbooks. In fact, in the last year, Asus has become almost synonymous with netbooks. There is nothing wrong with that, but I just think they should try to get out of this issue.

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Dell Increased use of renewable energy to 26 percent


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Dell, in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions, has increased its renewable energy sources by 20 percent compared with last year. The PC manufacturer has recently made deals with some public service providers SWALEC, Scottish Power Energy Retail, EVH, Mainova, and Hafslund Energi Telge in several countries including United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Norway. At this time, Dell nine plants are receiving 100 percent of power from renewable energy.

Well, this is a great initiative taken by Dell to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases from factories. Dell wants to cut emissions by 40 per cent of its facilities in 2015. Greenhouse effect has become a major threat to the survival of human beings in the long term. Therefore, Dell's other big companies should follow to keep carbon in check.

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Neo AMD dual-core Intel more multitasking CULVER start shipping


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AMD is showing that its new Athlon Dual-Core chip Neo Computex show has begun sending this update on its single-core CPU, which meant Neo low cost ultra thin notebook.

HP is also demonstrating with this update dv2 Pavilion Neo chip display at Computex 2009. HP dv2 was released with a single core processor Neo in April 2009.

Dual-Core processor net is based on 65 nm technology will be part of AMD's next platform Congo. Offers 1.6GHz clock speed and utilizing the power of 18 Watts. The better integration platform embedded graphics Radeon 3200 instead of the previous Radeon 1200 with single core used Neo.

Neo vs Dual Core Intel single-core processor CULVER:

CULVER single-core processor based on 45nm technology. It is more energy efficient 65 nm processors and has better performance per watt of Neo on the basis of the 65 nm CPU.

However, the dual-core processor is more Neo Intel CULVER multitasking because of their second World Cup. The Radeon 3200 integrated graphics is also capable of decoding faster HD felt better 3D multimedia content and also better performance compared to integrated graphics is used with a single nucleus and also by Neo Intel platform equivalent processor along CULVER, according to AMD.

So far, MSI-340 and Slim x Lenovo Ideapad U350 and M1305 GigaByte and MSI Wind U200 have been announced for the use of Intel processors next CULVER.

The ultra-slim laptops powered by dual core Neo has the price range between $ 750 to $ 1000.

The neo-based laptops with the updated CPU Neo will be available in September onwards.

Low-cost ultra thin notebook is a new category in the computer industry that stands between netbooks and ultra-portable notebook expensive. These notebooks provide an adequate return with all functions, but are much cheaper than their counterparts as the ultra-portable MacBook Air and other ultra portable laptops that their prices start from $ 1500 - $ 1700 and up.

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Eee PC SmartBook dragon in Videos; always stay connected!


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Asus is one company has compared to Eee PC based on the new CPU to smartbooks dragon.

This dragon-based Eee PC at Computex show is running on Google Android and the two videos you can see from here, after the break.

The Eee smartbook are similar to Eee 1008HA marinas, the seams that Asus has used the same chassis and frame, screen and keyboard of the Eee smartbook for this snail.

The dragon is a battery efficient processor 1.3GHz new CPU based on 45nm technology and Qualcomm is about 30 percent faster than its predecessor. Sports CPU support hardware acceleration of HD 720p movies. Can support displays as big as a dragon "WXGA (usually 1366x768), and the TV tuner via FLO TV formats in the U.S. or DVB-H in Europe."

The 10 "Eee PC Smartbook is a cool PC that has no vent. It can be connected" always "to the Internet via modem is 3G support for UMTS and CDMA networks at all frequencies used worldwide, or Wi-Fi. It also sports Bluetooth and GPS built.

This Eee PC and other features, includes a webcam and runs on Android. I would prefer if Asus had run a Linux distribution like Ubuntu smartbook here to get a better idea of the 3D representations of this new processor.

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W7 Appendix 3-Limit is disabled, how many other soft / hardware limitations?


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Starter Edition Windows 7 is going to make more trouble and discuss the arguments in the middle of the user community after completing many bitter discussions about adding a 3-Limiting W7 Starter Edition App by removing it.

Although the feature of 3-limit application seemed very bad but it was not very bad at all, because it does not include services, anti-malware applications or Windows applications or even multiple instances of the same application. " So if we expect this feature carefult find any limitation, because the courage of netbooks do not have the ability to run over this type of application 3 -!

But bitterer and more annoying is the part of many hardware and software limitations that Microsoft is going to impose some NETBOOK users.

Let me start from the hardware that I had mentioned in my previous post too.

Microsoft (apparently with the company of Intel) is to impose restrictions on hardware that will be approximately netbooks preinstalled with Windows 7

- A maximum of up to 10.2 "screen

-Only 1 GB of RAM,

- Up to 250GB HDD or hard drive of up to 64g SSD

- CPU should only be a single core and clocks up to 2.0GHz with up to 15 watts of thermal output

As you can see, these limitations are especially good for Intel and is not good at all of his serious rivals VIA. Netbooks are gradually opening to the new path of the hardware sector and give them more room to grow. However, Microsoft has stopped netbooks cheaper while offering a larger screen with the CPU as the best accomplished VIA nano Samsung NC20.

Laptop Magazine as mentioned a list of constraints to supply Windows 7 Starter Edition that I mentioned briefly here:

1 - Preview of the lack of work or Aero Peek

2 - unable to change wallpaper, window colors, or sound systems.

3 - can not log off when you switch between users

4 - Lack of Multi-monitor support and DVD playback

5 - Non-implementation of Windows Media Center. And no remote multimedia

6 - "The domain of support for business customers"

7 - There is no way to XP. Therefore, it will be impossible to run older programs on Windows XP in Windows 7 on netbooks.

These limitations characteristic of the session, and the change of mode in XP desktop background are the most problematic constraints coming to netbooks by W7 Starter Edition.

I prefer to adopt Appendix 3-Constraints and instead get the W7 mode feature of XP Starter know when you will pay more for Windows 7 (as you know the average price of Windows Vista will be over 7).

Do you agree?

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Dragon, a new non-Windows-compatible CPU at Computex NETBOOK


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Qualcomm announced its new processor based netbooks dragon key yesterday. The company has a big welcome laptop and mobile phone makers (MDGs), including ASUS, Compal, Foxconn, High Tech Computer (HTC), Inventec, Wistron, and Toshiba, and this processor will be demonstrated through a number of netbooks responsible for the laptop mentioned earlier this week at Computex Show.

The processor only supports Linux distributions (can not run Windows) and your users can be connected endlessly through GPS, 3G and Wi-Fi connection.

This process is now much used by 15 companies in 30 different devices such as smartphones and netbooks.

Qualcomm is seeking a category between laptops and smartphones smartbooks you get the best aspects of smartphones as simple intuitive usability, and long battery life and combines the best aspects of laptops, such as large screen, higher performance and functionality.

"Constantly connected via 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS, smartbooks is ultra portable, customizable and easy to use all day and the last in a single battery charge. Qualcomm Dragon platform has a unique combination of capabilities that makes it exceptionally competitive smartbook category, which is redefining the movement of consumers on productivity and play, "the company said in a written statement.

I believe that Qualcomm is trying to bring a new category for NETBOOK market segment that will be cheaper than the current netbooks, carry out a quick operation with less concurrenly applications, with larger screen than those used in smart phones, but more practical and useful!

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Gigabyte Laptop M1305 CULVER's New Netbooks with W7 at Computex


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Gigabyte introduced this year in Taipei show Comoutex 2009 (this week), with three new portable and NETBOOK NETBOOK touch and be based in Culver booktop M1305 ultra-portable and inexpensive touch TouchNote T1028 and NETBOOK Myou S1024 NETBOOK.

Booktop M1305 is the first ultra low cost laptop from Gigabyte which is expected to be released in September or October, with preinstalled Windows 7.

M1305 is powered by Intel budget-friendly and low-power processor CULVER, up to 8GB of DDR3 memory, optical drive (DVD) and comes with a 13.3-inch screen, Wi-Fi Bluetooth 802.11b/g/ny and 3.5G and WiMax optional modules.

The price and battery life is not clear yet.

NETBOOK touch TouchNote T1028 is a new version of the first touchscreen NETBOOK of Giga-byte. NETBOOK this comes with a twist of 10.1-inch touch screen and runs on Windows 7 OS that is capable of supporting the capacity of touch screen and tablet mode.

Touch NETBOOK Atom N280 features 1.66GHz, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and is priced at $ 600 in U.S.. The NETBOOK be available worldwide sometime in July or August.

Myou S1024 NETBOOK is a very light (only 900 grams) and very thin (less than 1-inch). It has 10.1 inch screen and 6-cell battery, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and is priced at $ 600USD.

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ARM to show their Pegatron NETBOOK Tap Computex 2009


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As announced earlier, it is expected that several ARM-based netbooks at Computex show. One of these netbooks will be a touchscreen NETBOOK Pegatron which is powered by Freescale chips consist of ARM processor cores.

NETBOOK this comes with a 10.1-inch screen, and will run in a case of Linux distributions such as Android or Ubuntu. The companiy did not mention that if Android will be on board your operating system.

ARM core processors as they are mainly used in mobile phones, especially smartphones are low cost, battery efficient process to help users keep their mobile devices and the use of more than one days without any single charge.

ARM-based Netbooks are said to work with the battery 9 or 10 hours without stop. To date 6 companies like Asus, Acer, Quanta and have taken and the development of such netbooks seriously and is presented in this year's Computex show with different ARM-based netbooks. Some of them are eager to show their netbooks running on Android for Google, too.

Warren East, CEO of ARM Holdings in a press conference in Taipei indicated that approximately 20% of netbooks coming in next year will be powered by ARM core processor.

Do you agree with him? How the future is bright for ARM netbooks you think? Please share with us their views in the comments section.

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Nokia X Series and C series next geeks have breath


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There are four-digit model numbers with Nokia in the beginning. N-Gage then intervened, with the Nseries and eSeries following shortly thereafter. Two cards are now joining the party - Nokia Cseries registered trademarks and xSeries.

Patents are quite general and cover the phones, smart phones, accessories and spare parts, which does not really tell us much about the devices that will inevitably be announced.

In general, their Nokia phones in four separate categories, as follows:

• Achieve - these are the eSeries
• Explore - the Nseries
• Live - fashionable phones for people with active lifestyles
• Connect - Easy to use, but basic, good phone, focus on ways to connect to other

Now, here is what you're thinking, two categories that do not yet have a number of its own and two new letters. Fairly simple, but here is the most difficult issue - which is what?

C, for example would be "classic" and conventional phones more or less fit the description of the category of connection. There are other words that begin with C, of course, but it is less likely.

"Team" is another of those words and what we do now that Intel and Nokia are cooking something. Moreover, they call the N97 a mini multimedia computer "and Maema tablets appear to be part of the Nseries (eg N800)." House "also comes to mind, but it is also territory Nseries.

XSeries left alive for the category. Now, X could mean XpressMusic - those who do not really fit the bill for a fashion phone, but "active lifestyles" is quite accurate.

Prisma supernova phones and most modern type. The few phones L'Amour is a good game too, as are the 8-series phones - the sirocco, the Moon and the Arts. This seems reasonable guess as to what constitutes a "living" and a telephone phone xSeries too, if you guess right it is our nature.

There is always the possibility that the two new series that really does not fit into existing categories. One of them could be here, because Nokia is running out of numbers in the Nseries as the three-digit model is reserved for the Nseries Maema tablets.

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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic for kinetic movement, widgets


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The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is getting a firmware update that will introduce some new, very welcome features - a higher initial kinetic movement in some menus, and improved performance of the camera and the response time.

Update: The homescreen is modified to resemble that of a Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, rather than the N97 as originally reported. We apologize for the misunderstanding - we have our wires crossed a little in this case.

The kinetics of displacement update is only partial at this stage - will be applicable in the initial list of contacts and the Web browser. The upgrade is certainly more than welcome, but we feel that going to do the UI in 5800 even more inconsistent.

Imagine this - in some lists on the Nokia 5800, which uses kinetic movement, in other - dragging, which requires a two taps to activate a theme, and icon-based menus to use a single tap. Worse yet - sweep your finger up in the bar of contacts down the list, while in another menu that still uses the old logic of drag - to move up.

Another benefit of the next firmware update would be the best response time and performance of camera. When this update will be available for the 5800 XpressMusic to be seen, but it must be the easiest thing is that soon after the launch of his younger brother - Nokia 5530 XpressMusic. According to the source, the latter will come with all the news directly from the box.

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Samsung Omnia i8000 II hits the shelves this week


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It keeps getting better for the fans WinME recently. The Samsung I8000 Omnia II official launch, initially said that come October, will take place this weekend in Singapore. Recent rumors that he had one of the most potent power of Windows Mobile phones to date, the sale of stars about a month ahead of schedule, but he is totally off guard.

It comes with a 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen Grinding screen resolution, the Samsung Omnia I8000 II is one of the most sought after WinME devices. It packs a great set of features, including advanced connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G HSDPA and HSUPA and GPS) and a good image (5-MP camera with video recording, D1).

The suggested retail price of the Samsung Omnia I8000 II is 440 euros before taxes or subsidies.

amsung also announced that the Samsung Omnia i8910 should start selling HD since August 1 with a suggested retail price of 540 euros. The first samples (most units support custom) of the monster-spec'd Symbian handset made its way to the market in May, but after its launch stopped the mass production so that some i-dotting and not to take a crossing place. Apparently there were some problems with the Omnia Samsung HD I wanted before they received the telephone availability.

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T-Mobile Samsung T749 Highlight burns 3G, A cool touch Phone


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Samsung really have something to tap the phones - and now there is a new to T-Mobile. It's called the Samsung T749 Highlight and is capable of 3G services (the Internet being a focal point) and run the TouchWiz widget-happy.

Deportivo 3 "WQVGA touch screen capable of displaying up to 16 million colors, Samsung T749 Highlight is at 108 x 54 x 13.7 mm and 105 grams. The Highlight offers quad band GSM and dual band HSDPA (covering both T - mobile frequencies).

Samsung Highlight Samsung Highlight Samsung Highlight Samsung Highlight

Samsung Highlight in "Fire and Ice"

The T749 is a social creature Highlight the email and support for AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger. In short - on screen full QWERTY keyboard, not to take a break.

On the side of connectivity Highlight Samsung T749 offers USB and Bluetooth with A2DP, for undergoing a good use for the music player that supports MP3, AAC and WMA. The 3 megapixel camera with video recording snapper, free goods such as autofocus and the like.

Highlight will be available in two colors - Fire and Ice (blue and red on black on orange) and the coming of this month. There will be a copy of U.S. $ 149.99 if they are willing to sign a contract for two years.

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1.5 million downloads from Apple's App Store managed in a year


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Apple today announced that the number of applications downloaded from its App Store has exceeded 1.5 billion.

Only one year after the launch of the online store application clearly the numbers suggest that this is one of the most successful projects in the history of the mobile industry.

What is even better for Apple is that the discharge rate is increasing - was less than 3 months ago, when the counter on the website of the company flipped over the one billion mark. This suggests that since then an average of more than 6 million applications were downloaded each day.

With more than 65,000 applications available to 40 million iPhone and iPod touch consumers in 77 countries, the numbers are not surprising, but a success nonetheless. We are awaiting only the quantity and quality will improve the percentage of truly useful applications will be in place too in the future.

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Evony Online Free Games


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I am sure that during the last week or so have seen the ads Evony around the world, I know that there are probably a sign now. Well after watching a million times or so I decided what the hell, I'm not playing any MMO right now, so let's take a look.

Evony is a free browser based MMORTS game in game 2 where slowly build your city and try to expand their territory. Recruit Evony here. The game starts with an empty city, with only one City Council and its work is to build a city striving to build an army and conquer other lands. Each time you do anything in the game, build a structure, the investigation of a new technology, its army in March, a timer showing how long it will take. For example, the creation of a headquarters could take 5 minutes, but each additional layer will have more time and more time. Currently in my barracks lev5 for the next update I will have 1 hour 29 minutes.

City Building
Evony restricts the construction of the building at 1 per city, so if you do not have the resources to build or improve the construction of more than 1 at a time. I'm really a big fan of this system because it no longer depends on how long you play the game, rather than how often you play. Checking up on the fly a couple of times a day you much more than someone sitting there for 2 hours live. No queue for construction, so you'll have to manually select each property and build or upgrade your account. Each its own territory is divided into two parts, the city and the city. The city is composed of all residential, commercial and military construction, such as the Town Hall, Market, barracks, academy, etc., and is protected by the castle walls. The city is outside the walls of protection and contains the resort buildings, farms, forests, and mines of iron quarrys.

Basically it works like any other RTS game you've ever played. You gather resources to build or improve buildings, research technology and build an army.

City Management and hero
In addition to the resources and only the construction and upgrading things, there is also the management of the city. It does not get too complicated and you can learn everything you need to know in about 5-10 minutes. City Management refers to its tax rate, making the population remains loyal and allocation of a mayor of their city.

Once you've created an Inn, you can hire a hero units that can lead their army or become a mayor. Each unit has 3 Hero statistics, political, and intelligence attack. A hero with the highest political means your resource production is higher in cities so that a larger attack means that his army have a higher attack rating. Intelligence shortens the time needed for the investigation of a new technology. This can be seen that some are better suited hero as mayor than as a whole.

Once you have a hero and the army, which will begin to eat resources. A hero must be paid a monthly fee and an army will have to eat what they'll start losing their food resources. If you're out of the army is to attack the food lost twice as fast, so we always make sure to back its troops as quickly as possible once they have completed their mission.

As your city grows, gain prestige points which is basically a rating of their cities and how they compare with other players. You also have a ranking and the title, the higher the rank and title of the most control.

Once you have created an army that is ready to attack, however it is important to explore the area first to determine the strength of your opponent. Once you've explored the area, you'll find exactly how many and what kind of troops are there. If you feel unsure, you can attack.

In the next image, I am attacking an open field to receive a bonus of 7% of my production of stone during the time that I have that area.

As much fun as attacking people and the NPC is, the combat system is completely f * cked up scense zero and makes the point that almost ruins the whole game. Let me explain.

Yesterday they attacked the same place twice, because I was farming for remuneration medals. Medals are used to reward their hero or promotion missions, which I will go into later. Here is the defending force both armys attacks.

Warriors 142 (very weak unit)
32 archers
48 Pikemen

I had my first attack:

Attack 1
115 archers

I won the fight, but lost 65 archers.

Attack 2
25 Swordmen
20 Pikemen
115 Archers

The results? I lost not only 65 archers, but all my swordmen and pikemen. WTF? That makes no sense, how can a small army of archers only do better? After a couple of melee attacks, I realized that the units are 100% useless, it only increased their victims and waste so that its resources have been building since only archer armies.

I have also read in forums that there are important issues Evony balance when attacking the castle walls. As far as I'm concerned the combat system is sh * t needs to be completely redone.

Special Items and medals
Evony use microtransaction business model for making money, so there are many items that can be bought with real money, to help you throughout the game. Topics range from things that subtract time to build, ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours and 30% reduction in construction times. Other items in production or increase the combat effectiveness for a certain amount of time. There are medals to be gained with the conquest of land, these medals can be used both to boost the statistics of your hero or you promote through promotion missions.

There are missions in Evony But progress is only missions. For example, the City Council reaches level 5 and you get 10000 prestige points. I like to think of them as accomplishments rather than tasks.

After a few days of playing I can say that I am enjoying this game much more than I thought it was a. Working in front of a computer all day, it gives me something nice to do and really does not take much time to play. I have a dual monitor setup, so we have Evony on a screen and you can see when the time spent, so you can choose what I do. This is not a time sink for the type of game, it's like kind of control of their email or Facebook a couple of times a day, 2-3 minutes and that is good to go. But they have to fix the combat system is retarded and can destroy the game if not a fixed amount of time resonated.

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CPU Intel Pentium Using Ultra Portable; Because New Core 2 CPUs and More


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Intel announced and discussed his new processors for the different categories in today's press conference at Computex Taipei.

Interesting is that Intel is using for its new Pentium processors, but this time low-cost ultra-portable thin that their prices start from $ 500 to $ 1300.

1.4-GHz SU3500, the 1.6-GHz SU9400, and SU9600 processors that Intel has begun shipping to manufacturers, as well as the 1.3-GHz Intel Pentium ULV SU2700 processors are Intel is ultra thin Use of laptop computers. All these processors are ultra-low voltage draw 10 watts of power contrary to standard Intel processors can draw 25 to 35 watts of power.

"Intel believes that the processor line to win 40 new designs for" all major "of the OEM Computex, Marty said."

While Intel began shipping its single-core CPU CULVER (ULV Platform) AMD has begun shipping its Neo dual-core processor for this category of laptops. You can read a brief comparison here between these two processors.

Laptops and ultra-thin light weigh about three pounds and measures less than 1 inch thick. The Intel-based in this category will support WiMAX and Wi-Fi.

Core 2 Due T9900, P9700, P8800 and other processors are Intel processors announced today. The T9900 is the first mobile Core 2 Duo processor clock as fast as the highest and 3.06-GHz.

The T9900 is the successor of 2.6-GHz T7600 (Merom based). Has 6 MB of L2 cache and offers high performance compared to the T7800.

Furthermore tgdaily mentioned that "The 32-nanometer chips for desktops and Arrandale Clarkdale are key, while the Lynnfield CPU, available later this year, will give a better yield of 40 percent of Penryn, he said."

Intel also revealed GS40 Express graphics with Intel integrated package 4500m (running at 400 MHz and up to 385 Mbytes of video memory shared) offers 10 units of additional performance with respect to its predecessor.

Windows 7 supports playback of HD and Blu-ray Discs, HDMI with integrated HDCP key.

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Acer Launches 14 inch and 15-time laptop, an android NETBOOK in Q3


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Acer today released two laptops in the time series consist of 14-inch Acer Aspire AS4810-time and 15-inch Aspire AS5810 time.

These two laptops are portable, low-cost budget friendly powered by Intel processors CULVER. They are highly customizable and provide built-in DVD and long battery life over 8 hours. Both laptops are compatible with Energy Star

Chronology AS4810T-8480 is powered by a 1.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 Processor, 4 GB of DDR3 memory, a 320GB hard drive and integrated Intel graphics (GMA 4500MHD). The laptop has a 14-inch LED-backlit TFT-LCD with a resolution of 1366 X 768 and a 16:9 aspect ratio, multi-touch, wireless draft-N of 64-bit Vista Home Premium, and a 6 cell lithium-ion battery. It weighs only 4.2 pounds.

Chronology AS5810TZ-4657 notebook is powered by a 1.3 GHz Intel Pentium Processor SU2700, 3GB of DDR3 memory, a 320GB hard drive, and Intel GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics. The laptop features a 15.6-inch LED-backlit TFT-LCD with a resolution of 1366 X 768 with a 16:9 aspect ratio, multigesture touchpad, and 6-cell lithium ion battery. It weighs 5.3 pounds and runs 64-bit Vista Home Premium.

These models AS4810T-8480 which costs $ 700 and AS5810TZ-4657 priceing to $ 600 are on sale now.

Furthermore, Acer, in his press conference, today announced the release of an Android OS-based NETBOOK before Q3 2009.

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Canon announces Pixma MP560 and MP490 printers


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Canon has announced the MP560 and MP490 wireless all-in-one inkjet photo printers. Along with the print, copy and scan options, both include features such as Auto Photo Fix II, Duplex and Wireless Printing. The MP560 is also Canon's first Pixma printer with the ability to print out pictures directly from a USB flash memory device. The MP560 and MP490 are priced at $149.99 USD and $99.99 USD respectively.

Press Release:


Wireless Capabilities, Auto Photo Fix II, Duplex and USB Direct Printing are among the Features Found on the New Additions to Canon's Award Winning Line-up

Lake Success, N.Y., July 7, 2009 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today announced the addition of two new PIXMA Photo All-In-One (AIO) Printers along with one new SELPHY Compact Photo Printer. The two new PIXMA printers utilize Canon's FINE print head technology, which has been recognized by consumers for its ability to deliver quality and performance simultaneously, whether printing images or business documents since its inception 10 years ago. Furthermore, with the overall ease-of-use, innovative design and affordability of these new printers, consumers will have many different options to choose from when deciding on how best to fulfill their printing needs.

The new and improved Auto Photo Fix II feature helps assure that images printed will be of superb quality while reproducing the vibrant colors that were first captured in the image. This technology resolves many common photo printing errors, such as underexposed images, through Multi-Zone Exposure Correction and improvements in overall face detection, scene analysis plus brightness and saturation correction. All of the new PIXMA printers feature this technology along with Easy-WebPrint EX* software which will make printing out documents from the web that much easier. The Auto Clip feature allows for consumers to select a specific part of a Web page that they would like to have printed rather than printing out the whole page which will help users conserve their ink supply.

"The addition of these new printers to the product line-up further demonstrates the Canon commitment to providing consumers with high-quality digital imaging solutions at an affordable price," said Yuichi Ishizuka, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A. "The addition of new technologies such as Auto Photo Fix II will help to resolve issues consumers have had in the past with images, such as red eye removal, while improving the overall image quality at the same time."

Canon PIXMA Photo All-In-One Printers
For the consumer who wants and needs to have a printer that can print, copy and scan, the new Canon PIXMA Photo AIO Printers provide all this and more. The new PIXMA MP560 Wireless** Photo AIO Printer is the most compact Canon inkjet printer to have both wireless capabilities and built-in Auto Duplex Printing. This new AIO Printer, the successor to the popular PIXMA MP620 Wireless Photo AIO Printer, also is the first Canon PIXMA Printer to have the ability to print out pictures directly from a USB Flash Memory device***. With a new sleek design, the PIXMA MP560 Photo AIO Printer features five individual ink tanks with the ChromaLife100+ ink system providing more vibrant and longer-lasting photos. The PIXMA MP560 printer can print out a photo-lab quality borderless 4"x 6" in approximately 39 seconds******. The 2.0-inch LCD screen and integrated Easy-Scroll Wheel allow for easy navigation through menus and viewing images. Under the new ISO print speed standard, the PIXMA MP560 AIO Photo Printer will deliver output at approximately 9.2 ipm for black-and-white documents and approximately 6.0 ipm for color4. The estimated retail price of the PIXMA MP560 Photo AIO Printer is $149.995*****.

The new Canon PIXMA MP490 AIO Photo Printer offers high-quality at a very affordable price point. This printer utilizes the ChromaLife100+ four-color ink system and can print out a photo-lab quality borderless 4" x 6" photo in approximately 43 seconds******. FINE technology is unique in the inkjet printing world enabling the PIXMA MP490 AIO Photo Printer to produce high quality prints without sacrificing speed. The PIXMA MP490 Photo AIO Printer also boasts a 1.8-inch LCD screen and a self-opening output tray which helps to prevent any paper jams. The template printing feature has been enhanced to now include 11 different templates, which now include schedules and handwriting paper. Under the new ISO print speed standard, the PIXMA MP490 Photo AIO Printer will create letter-sized documents at approximately 8.4 ipm for black-and-white documents and approximately 4.8 ipm for color****. The PIXMA MP490 Photo AIO Printer will have an estimated retail price of $99.995

SELPHY CP790 Compact Photo Printer
Following in the footsteps of the successful and innovative Canon SELPHY CP770 Compact Photo Printer is the new SELPHY CP790 Photo Printer. This new compact photo printer has been upgraded with a new stylish green color with a convenient storage basket, which not only houses the printer, but also stores accessories including paper, ink cartridge and the power cord. The new Creative Options allow users to add their own creative touch to photos before cropping them on the 3.0-inch LCD screen. One of the new Creative Options is the Photo Diary Creative Print. This feature allows users to choose from six different layouts, six background colors, and 18 clip art stamps to personalize their photos. This truly portable printer features an optional battery and memory card slots******* allowing for printing on-the-go without the need of a computer. The SELPHY CP790 Compact Photo Printer produces images of a higher quality than the previous model due to enhancements to the Portrait Image Optimize feature. The Face Detection brightness correction and color cast correction have been vastly improved so that skin tones and faces will be produced with more natural and realistic colors. The Canon SELPHY CP790 Compact Photo Printer prints a 4"x6" photo in approximately 43 seconds******** which is 10% faster than the previous model. The Canon SELPHY CP790 Compact Photo Printer carries an estimated retail price of $179.99***** with the optional NB-CP2L battery pack carrying an estimated retail price of $79.995*****.

Windows 7 Operating System
Canon is pleased to announce that its PIXMA inkjet printer products will be compatible with Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system. According to Microsoft, this operating system has new features to make everyday tasks easier and faster. Please stay tuned for updates regarding driver downloads and a full list of compatible Canon products.

Canon Supports ISO/IEC 24734 and 24735 Productivity Standards for Inkjet Printers
Helping customers evaluate and compare print speeds of various printer models, Canon utilizes the ISO/IEC 24734 and 24735 International Standards for measuring print and copy speed. The standards measure print and copy output in images-per-minute (ipm), and calculate print and copy speed by printing out a number of standard Microsoft Excel, Word and PDF documents on letter-sized paper in default mode.

Generation Green
Canon's commitment to the environment and helping to make it more sustainable is an inherent part of the Company's kyosei philosophy and new product offerings. From duplex printing to ENERGY STAR compliance and significant changes to product packaging, the Generation Green initiative is designed to provide partner companies, enterprise customers and consumers a way to identify and learn about the various environmentally-conscious product features and solutions select Canon printers offer.

* Compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 in Windows Vista or XP only. Not included on installation CD. Requires internet connection during installation. It is unlawful to reproduce or edit the copyrighted work of another person without permission from the copyright holder, except for personal non-commercial use , or other use within the limited scope as defined by copyright law. Additionally, reproducing or editing photographs of people may infringe on portrait rights.

**Wireless printing requires a working Ethernet network with wireless 802.11g/b capability. Wireless performance may vary based on terrain and distance between the printer and wireless network clients.
***USB flash memory with security enabled may not be used. Requires an extension cable if cannot be attached.
****ISO/IEC 24734, 24735 defines the default print and copy speed measurement methods.. Print speeds are the averages of ESAT in Office Category Test for the default simplex mode, ISO/IEC 24734, excluding time to print the first set. Copy speed is the average of FCOT , ISO 24735 Annex D. ADF copy speed is the average of ESAT in General Performance Test for the default simplex mode, ISO/IEC 24735, excluding time to copy the first set.
*****Pricing subject to change at any time. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.
******Print speed measured as soon as first page begins to feed into printer and will vary depending on system configuration, interface, software, document complexity, print mode, types of paper used and page coverage.
*******Compatible memory cards include SD(tm) Memory Card, miniSD Card, SDHC™ Memory Card, miniSDHC™ Card, MultiMediaCard®, MMCplus Card, MMCmobile Card, HC MMCplus Card, RS-MMC™, CompactFlash® Card, Microdrive®, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick® PRO™, Memory Stick® Duo™ and Memory Stick® PRO Duo™. The following can be used with the addition of a special adapter sold separately: microSD(tm) Card, microSDHC(tm) Card, MMCmicro Card, xD-Picture Card® and Memory Stick Micro™.
********Print speed obtained using compatible Canon compact digital camera incorporating DIGIC II (other camera models may vary).

Additional images

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Lexar incorporates Micron's NAND chips


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Micron Technologies has announced the first flash memory cards to use its 34-nanometer process technology. Its subsidiary, Lexar, will incorporate the new 32Gb NAND chips into its 32GB Platinum II SDHC memory card. A 16Gb microSDHC card (commonly used in mobile devices), will also make use of the 34nm technology NAND chips. Lexar has said it will incorporate the technology into an increasing proportion of its flash memory card range.

Press Release:

Micron Introduces New 34-Nanometer High-Density NAND Products, Increasing Performance And Reducing Die Size

Lexar Media Announces New Flash Memory Cards Using Micron’s New High-Capacity 34nm NAND

BOISE, Idaho and Fremont, CA., June 30, 2009Micron Technology, Inc. today announced mass production of new NAND flash memory products using its award-winning 34-nanometer (nm) process technology. As consumers demand increased capacity to store more music, videos, photos, and applications in ever smaller portable electronic devices, manufacturers need a storage solution that delivers on capacity, performance, and size. Micron’s new 16- and 32-gigabit (Gb) NAND chips pair large capacity with performance, providing a compelling solution for today’s demanding portable storage requirements that are tailored to end-customer product dimensions.

The newly architected 32Gb multi-level cell (MLC) NAND chip is 17 percent smaller than Micron’s first-generation 32Gb chip. The 16Gb MLC NAND chip, at just 84mm², provides high-capacity in an ultra tiny package. Micron is also now sampling 8- and 16Gb single-level cell (SLC) NAND chips using the 34nm process.

Additionally, Lexar Media, Inc. – a subsidiary of Micron and a leading provider of consumer memory products for digital devices – is taking advantage of Micron’s new 34nm NAND products by delivering a wide range of flash memory cards and USB flash drives utilizing this technology.

“Our industry-leading NAND products are opening new possibilities for some of the world’s most popular consumer electronic devices,” said Brian Shirley, vice president of Micron’s memory group. “With our new 16- and 32Gb NAND chips in mass production, we are enabling customers to design cost-effective, high-capacity storage in their small-form factor products, using less space and fewer die. In addition, the high-speed interface is ideal in the industry’s quest to continue to increase throughput performance for SSDs.”

Both products feature an ONFI 2.1 synchronous interface that delivers transfer speeds of up to 200 megabytes per second (MB/s). In comparison, traditional SLC NAND is limited to 40 MB/s. With this improved transfer speed, the interface delivers the fastest read and write throughputs offered in today’s NAND devices. And with solid state drives (SSDs) trending toward a SATA 6 Gb/second interface, the high-speed NAND interface enables manufacturers to design products that deliver twice the throughput of today’s existing SATA 3Gb/s solutions. Customers can expect this high-speed interface designed into all future high-density Micron® NAND products.

Micron 34nm NAND Enabling New High-Capacity Memory Cards from Lexar Media

Lexar Media is utilizing Micron’s high-capacity 34nm technology in its high-performance memory cards, including the new Lexar® Platinum II 32GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC™) memory card and the Lexar 16GB microSDHC™ mobile memory card. By the end of September, Micron’s new 34nm NAND will also be used in a wide range of Lexar microSD™ and microSDHC cards, Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) cards, and various capacities of Secure Digital, SDHC, CompactFlash®, and Memory Stick PRO Duo™ cards. Additionally, Micron 34nm NAND will be used in Lexar’s JumpDrive® USB flash drives, including JumpDrive Retrax, JumpDrive TwistTurn, JumpDrive FireFly, and JumpDrive Secure II Plus.

“By integrating the increased capacity and performance of Micron’s new 34nm NAND into Lexar’s flash memory products, we are giving our customers the ability to take full advantage of their digital cameras, phones and devices,” said Greg Rhine, vice president of sales and product marketing at Lexar Media. “With Lexar’s cost-effective, high-capacity, and high-speed memory cards and USB flash drives, consumers can capture more pictures and videos, listen to more music, and transfer data between their devices even faster than before.”

The first Lexar memory card to feature Micron’s new 32Gb NAND chip is the new 32GB Lexar Platinum II SDHC memory card. With the ability to store up to 12 hours of high-definition (HD) video or more than 20,000 5-megapixel images, the increased capacity enables photographers to capture important events and memories with photos and HD video. Beyond video and photography, the Lexar Platinum II 32GB SDHC memory card can be used as a convenient way to expand the available storage in today’s emerging, ultra-portable notebook computer applications, such as netbooks and mobile Internet devices (MIDs).

In addition to its high capacity, the new Lexar Platinum II SDHC card is speed-rated at 60x (Class 4), offering a minimum-sustained write speed of 9MB per second that enables photo enthusiasts to take advantage of their camera’s burst-mode setting to capture many images in rapid succession. In addition, a minimum-sustained read speed of 12MB per second ensures fast transfers of images from the card to a host computer.

Micron’s tiny 16Gb, 34nm NAND chip, which is approximately one-third the size of a keyboard key, is ideal for ultra-small, high-capacity microSD cards, such as the Lexar 16GB microSDHC mobile memory card. The Lexar 16GB microSDHC card allows consumers to expand the capabilities of their digital devices, such as mobile phones with photo and video capture capabilities, MP3 players, and smartphones. Consumers can store up to 48,000 2-megapixel JPEG photos, 4,000 songs, or 80 hours of standard-definition video content on the Lexar 16GB microSDHC card when used in a digital device.

Additional image

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AgfaPhoto announces DC-600uw rugged compact


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AgfaPhoto has announced the DC-600uw rugged compact camera. It is claimed to be water-resistant up to 10 meters and can withstand pressure of up to two bar (29psi). Its exterior is designed to protect against dust and dirt. The camera has a 6MP sensor, a 2.4" LCD and includes Face Tracking and video recording for easy sharing on YouTube. Priced at €149, it will be made available next month.

Press Release:

AgfaPhoto digital cameras go for a swim

Uhingen, Germany, June 29th; 2009: AgfaPhoto presents the AgfaPhoto DC-600uw, its new underwater and outdoor camera. The AgfaPhoto DC-600uw digital camera can withstand pressures of up to two bar, and is water-resistant at depths of up to 10 meters.

The new DC-600uw takes videos with sound in YouTube format, which can then be immediately uploaded to any compatible online platform.The AgfaPhoto DC-600uw can now be purchased for 149 euros (manufacturer’s suggested retail price, including value added tax).

Refined technology, with an aquatic look
Using the AgfaPhoto DC-600uw is incredibly easy, even when snorkeling and diving. The unique red quick selection button allows for quick change from land mode to underwater mode, while the 2.4 inch display helps select what to shoot.

The camera’s face tracking function automatically recognizes faces, and brings them into clear focus. With its easily distinguished glowing blue color, five-times (5X) digital zoom, six megapixel resolution, high degree of light sensitivity up to ISO 1600, and support for the most common scene modes, the new AgfaPhoto DC-600uw is the right choice for any summer vacation. A strong partner on land too

The AgfaPhoto DC-600uw is also ready for any outdoor adventure. Whether mountain biking or playing volleyball at the beach - the camera’s robust construction protects it if accidentally dropped, and also protects it against dust and dirt.

The AgfaPhoto DC-600uw weighs 131 grams, and fits easily into almost any pocket or bag. Included with the AgfaPhoto DC-600uw is a carrying case, a carry strap, a USB cable and video cable, two AA batteries, an instruction manual, and a software CD-ROM. Additional color variants will be available in July 2009.

AgfaPhoto DC-600uw specifications


• 6.0 million pixels

Image Sizes • 3680 x 2760
• 2816 x 2112
• 2048 x 1536
• 640 x 480

• 640 x 480
• 320 x 240

File Format

• Still : JPEG (DCF), EXIF 2.2, DPOF 1.1, PictBridge 1.0
• Video: AVI

Lens • 6.09mm (approx. 36.5mm in 35mm format)
Digital zoom approx. 5X
Focus Range • Macro: 20 cm
• Normal: 120 cm ~ infinity
Scene modes

• Portrait
• Landscape
• Night scenery
• Sunset
• Back light
• Fireworks
• Candle light
• Beach
• Auction
• Under water


• Multi-segment
• Spot

Exposure compen.

• +/-2 EV
• 0.5 EV increments


• Auto
• 100 - 1600

Shutter speed

• 1/1000- 8 sec.

Aperture values F3.2 - F7.0
White balance • Auto
• Daylight
• Cloudy
• Sunset
• Tungsten light
• Fluorescent light
• Manual Setting
LCD monitor • 2.4" TFT LCD
Flash • Built-in (Auto, off/on, Red-Eye reduction, slow sync.)

• DC Input
• AV Output
• USB 2.0 High speed

Storage • Built-in Memory (approx. 32MB)
• SD/SDHC Memory Card
Power • 2 x AA Batteries
Dimensions 101 x 61 x 32 mm
Weight (with battery) Approx. 131g (4.7oz)

Additional images

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Acer using Moblin for 5 seconds boot; Video Aspire One running Android


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Acer announced in his press conference yesterday Moblin to use the Linux operating system on their netbooks and nettops and desktop PCs.

Moblin is a Linux-based operating system developed by Intel to provide faster performance, startup time and the shortcuts and an improved user interface for netbooks. At this time, the distribution of different Moblin as SuSE Moblin, Moblin Xandros, Linpus Moblin, Ubuntu and Red Flag Moblin shown in Moblin devices from HP, ASUS, MSI and Hase at Computex 2009.

Intel popular in the development department moblin believe that the next version of Moblin will be able to reduce the startup time to only 5 seconds.

Moblin is not the only project being worked on Acer. Acer has also been a demonstration of Google Android operating at full FireFox Aspire one into a D250. You can view a short video of it after the break.

However, Acer has said that Android-based NETBOOK final will be different in this Computex demo. The Aspire One Android D25o was short with 15 seconds to boot and shutdown 1 seconds!

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HP Pavilion dv2 receives two new options for CPU and an Interior while


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HP Pavilion dv2 the first ultra-portable Neo-powered single-core AMD processor CPU gets two best options and an optional white interior.

The 12.1 on HP dv-2 is now available with AMD dual-core and full of the Congo Athlon X2 processors. Also the laptop is available with white interior combined with brown touchpad! Perhaps this combination seems fashionable for some consumers, but it looks and that is to add some more ugly style.

The other settings are the same: 4 GB RAM, Radeon HD 3410 discrete graphics with 512MB of memory, 12.1-inch screen with 1280 × 800, a USB DVD burner (with LightScribe), a SIM card slot and mobile bandwidth, 320 GB HDD, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 6 cell battery.

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Eee PC Touchscreen Tablet Launched T91, T91 video


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Eee PC T91 was first introduced at CES in January and after 5 months this tablet NETBOOK Asus launched this week at Computex.

Eee PC Tablet T91 sports an 8.9 "swivel touch screen with 1024 x 600 resolution and a touch-optimized software package that allows users to maximize pen or finger input.

The tablet is powered by a low-end 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z520 CPU, 1GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD. Has 802.11b/g/n / Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and optional TV tuner and GPS. The NETBOOK comes in black and white keys and chewing gum.

The Eee PC T91 software applications, known collectively as TouchSuite, allowing users to perform various tasks with their fingertips, such as retouching photos, creating photo albums, leaving hand desktop notes for loved ones and Draw cartoons or custom emoticons.

Portable People magazine could assess briefly touch interface of the T91 at Computex, and were very impressed by it. Like Cover Flow interface Apple first launched a series of three panels. The user can start the touch interface Eee Dock icon on the desktop or pressing a button on a lower deck of the screen. From the video images it is clear that the screen is very bright and has some light reflections. You can view a video f NETBOOK on this website for Laptop magazine. There is also a video released by Asus that was covered in my previous entry.

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Pixel Qi energy efficient 10-screen Aspire One: First Impression


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I do not know how much you are familiar with Pixel Qi screen, but this new project for carrying out the screens by Mary Lou Jepsen has been showing at Computex Tiepei in a 10-inch Acer Aspire One

Pixel Qi is a "low cost, low power, super-reading, based on LCD screens ranging in everything from e-book readers for netbooks and computers.

Pixel Qi of the sample called 3Qi run in three configurations: a full-color, glossy, LCD conventional way, a very low power, sunlight readable, reflection and role-mode, and a low-power base color transflective mode. The screens are expected to initially be available in 7.5 inch and 10.5-inch screen sizes. "

At Computex show people from Laptop Magazine was in the hands of this screen them in an Aspire One and briefly evaluated whether what is described in the paper is true in real life.

The power efficient Pixel Qi is easily legible and completely indoors and outdoors (outdoors in the sample visible be ready some time this year).

Here is a run time of your first impression:

- High resolution display that uses half or a quarter of energy that an LCD basa

- A button to turn on and off the display backlight

- When the background is on screen is crisp with decent color and totally readable in sunny room with no glare

- When the light is off the screen is readable and the content is clear and lively even though it becomes dark and black and white (the loss of color).

This type of screen is somehow comparable to the screen are on Kindle. A kindle is as expensive as if only one is a NETBOOK eBook Reader. I only hope that Pixel Qi does not add much to the bottom of the price range of netbooks. (If this screen only adds a bit more money as a platform ION only raised the price of Atom-based NETBOOK for $ 50 probably will be very acceptable since launch).

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Asus and several netbooks, and Tablet PC Portable Game at Computex


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Computex Show in this year, Asus has made, announced and launched several netbooks, laptops, nettop, desktop PCs and etc. I have collected the notebooks and netbooks Asus in Taipei:

11.6 Seashell NETBOOK Eee PC:

We already have knowledge of 10.1-inch Eee PC 1008HA and 1005HA Eee PC netbooks Seashell. At Computex, Asus has been showing an updated model of spiral with the family on the screen of 11.6. ,

This model comes equipped with N270and instead of N280 Atom Z530 or Z520 processor used in Menlow Eee 1101HA, 1GB RAM, HDD 160 B and 6-cell battery for 9.5 hours over 11 hours of battery runtime.

It is not clear yet when it will be available in the U.S.. Price has not been announced yet.

Asus Eee PC 1101HGO and 1005HGO:

These two brothers are netbooks from 1101HA and 1005HA. However, these two new models sport integrated WiMax or 3G mobile broadband

CULVER UX30 portable and based UX50V:

Asus has made an ultra-thin laptop and a notebook based on incorporating CULVER at Computex.

UX30 Asus is a 13.3 in lapop which is powered by the 1.3GHz processor. This notebook is just 0.27 inches thick and weighs about 3.5 pounds. Will be launched in October onwards.

UX50V is a 15.6-inch notebook powered by the 1.3GHz processor.

Eee PC touchscreen tablet T91:

The Eee PC is a hybrid T91 tablet NETBOOK with an 8.9 inch swivel screen that can fold down the keyboard for tablet mode.

The tablet is powered by a low-end Atom Z520 CPU and 1 GB of memory, 16GB SSD with a 16GB SD card.

It has GPS and a TV tuner for option.

Professional G51 Gaming Laptop with Core 2 Quad CPU:

Asus G51 gaming notebook is a 15.6 "gaming notebook with professional affordable price!

Embed this laptop incorporates a number of attractive features for the hardcore players including Core 2 Quad CPU that can be clock-1GB nVidia GTX 260 graphics, LED backlit widescreen display and 3D style Chiclete illuminated, keyboard and touch pad blockade.

Features of the laptop TP up to 3GB of RAM and storage 1T, EAX, CMSS of Creative sound card and Altec Lansing speakers for 3D surround sound audio.

If you are interested in this laptop can be purchased from Best Buy in July. Surprisingly the laptop will cost between $ 1300 (USD) and $ 1500!

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HP Mini 110 vs HP Mini 1000 vs Samsung NC10; Mini 1101 specifications


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HP moves forward slowly in the market of netbooks but, its move is steady and continual. I can say that HP has released least netbooks compared to Asus and Acer and MSI. Well, So far its netbooks have been bundled up with very good and bad features such as stellar keyboard and sturdy fashionable chassis as well as overly glossy screens, sluggish hard drive and lack of VGA port meanwhile costing more than their counterparts in the market.

HP has unveiled its two upcoming Mini 110 for consumer- oriented (and the Linux- based Mini 110 Mi) and Mini 1101 for corporate- oriented.

The very first feature of Mini 110 and Mini 1101 that takes attention is their starting price. Compared to their predecessors, these two upcoming netbooks offer more aggressive starting price. Starting at $279 for the Linux-based Mini 110 Mi, $330 for the XP-based Mini 110 and Mini 1101 is a big improvement about HP netbooks.

The second feature that takes the attention immediately is design and the chunky way it looks. Mini 110 is not as thin and lightweight as its predecessor. The new netbook is 0.2 pound heavier with the (weight of 2.6 lbs) and 0.3 inches thicker (with the depth of 1.3inches) than its predecessor.

Confidently, HP has made a better revamped version of Mini 1000, He has kept the good side of the Mini 1000 and has tried to turn the bad sides or weak features to the good ones.

Here you will learn about the differences between Mini 1000 and Mini 110, and comparison between their benchmark results.

One of the important contenders of Mini 1000 and of course upcoming Mini 110 is Samsung NC10 netbook. Here you will learn about their differences and the comparison between their benchmark result to get better idea about the improved performance that Mini 110 offers upon its predecessor and its major rival.

I have compiled all the benchmark results and figures from reviews done by Laptop Magazine.

HP Mini 1101 netbook:

This mode meant business users and it is very customizable. It can be available preinstalled with one of Windows XP Home, XP Pro, or Vista and a choice for freeDOS if you are interested in installing it on your netbook by yourself. This netbook offers options for a 32GB SSD or 160GB or 250GB hard disk, and EV-DO/HSPA mobile broadband modem. The HP Mini 1101 will be available from tomorrow- June 1st with starting from $329.

HP Mini 110 vs. Mini 1000:

Cnet and Laptop Magazine have reviewed Mini 110 and compared it with Mini 1000. Here I have compiled the Pros and Cons were mentioned by these two reviews here all together.


Price: the starting price of Mini 110 is more budget- friendly than the starting price of Mini 1000, meanwhile offering better features.

Design: although the black Mini 1000 looks is slightly thinner and ligher than Mini 110, the nice swirl imprint design on lid of Mini 110 looks very attractive and it also hides the finger tips ( unlike the glossy finish of Mini 1000). Mini 110 is more comfortable to use because “it sits a little higher in back when placed on a desk”. Mini 110 is available in pearl white and fashionable pink, as well.

Keyboard: Mini 110 inherits the stellar spacious 92% keyboard of Mini 1000. There is a row of a dedicated function keys placed at the top pf the keyboard. Also the new netbook comes with the same awkward vertical touchpad buttons.

Performance: Mini 110 comes with the typical CPU and RAM available on majority of netbooks (1.6GHz Atom CPU and 1GB of memory). But, it offered faster spinning 160GB HDD with 5400 rpm that causes faster performance compared to Mini 1000.

Features: unlike Mini 1000, an additional USB port and VGA port are available on Mini 110. So, this netbook comes with 3 USB ports, a VGA out and 5-in-1 media card reader and Lan port.

Display:If you suffered from the overly glossy 10.1-inch screen settled on Mini 1000, HP happily has removed this display and has used the traditional LED Matte antiglare 10.1-inch display but with the same 1,024x576 resolution. Promisingly, an option for high definition display with 1366 x 768 resolution will be available from July 8th. This option will only add $30 to the basic price.

Video Play back: an additional $30 Crystal HD Enhanced Video Accelerator choice, will come soon in July and will allow users to watch 1080p video an external display.

Heat: definitely Mini 110 is much cooler than Mini 1000

Audio: The speakers are impressively laud and apparently better than the one used in Mini 1000.

- Choices or options for 32GB SSD, a mobile broadband for extra $125. The Linux-based Mini 110 Mi starts from cheaper price of $280 and can be configured with up to 1GB of RAM and 160GB HDD.


- Lack of HDMI port for playing HD movies on an external display

Software: the Syncables software is difficult to use. This software is supposed to help out the user to “connect different machines on your local network, allowing you to easily share documents, photos, video, and music, and even sync Outlook and Thunderbird e-mail accounts. The program even claims to work on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.”

Battery: 3-cell battery is used on Mini 110 as default and it only lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes which is really short for a netbook. In the market the average battery is not less than 3 hours. However, Soon Mini 110 will offer a choice of 6-cell battery adding $40 to the basic price to prolong about 5 hours and half which is yet short compared to Eee PC 1008HA and 1005HA, Samsung NC10 etc.

- “This video accelerator won’t help you transcode video faster or play mainstream 3D games.”

Benchmark results:

-Boot time: Mini 110 boots up for 45 sec while Mini 1000 is more sluggish and its boot time is about 64 sec.

-PCMark05 test: Mini 110 scored 1578 while Mini 1000 scored 1370

- laptop transfer test: Mini 10 recorded a rate of 14.6 MBps ( lasting about 5 minutes) for coping a 4.97GB folder of mixed media and Mini 1000 scored a rate of 9.1 MBps that lasted for 9 minutes and 21 sec.

Mini 110 vs. Samsung NC10:

I am comparing the Samsung NC10 with the price tag of $420 (at Newegg) and feature set of 10.2-inch antiglare Led display, 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 160GB HDD with 5400 rpm, 6-cell battery, 3USB port, VGA out, 3-in-1 media card reader, 2.8 lbs of weight, 1.19-inch thickness, Bluetooth, and 93% keyboard, .


Price: Samsung NC10 is some more expensive than Mini 110 even by considering adding the two features of 6-cell battery and Bluetooth to Mini 110. If we add the $40 extra for 6-cell battery to Mini 110 the price will jump only to $370. ( however I think NC10 deserves this price).

Design: Mini 110 comes with more attractive finish design than NC10. However, NC10 is a thinner netbook. It is natural that NC10 with 6 cell battery is heavier than Mini 110 coming with 3-cell battery.

Keyboard: both laptops have very spacious and comfortable keyboard that the positioning of keys are almost perfect.

TouchPad: The sizes of their touchpads are almost the same. However the length of touchpad on NC10 is 0.1-inch shorter.but the most important thing is that NC10’s touchpad is multi touch that provides a dedicated scrolling bar too and the buttons are horizontally positioned.

Features: The both netbooks feature the same amount of ports but Mini 110 offers 5-in-1 media card reader slot.

Display: both netbooks offer traditional Matte display with anti-glare. However, the option for HD display offering by Mini 110 is really nice.

Audio: The quality of speakers of NC10 are closed to the Dolby-powered speakers used in Eee PC 1000H. So, it is more preferred to the speakers used in HP Mini, although it is totally loud.

Battery: NC10’s 6-cell battery can last 6 hours and 34 sec when its battery manager is enabled. While Mini 110 with 6-cell battery will prolong about 5 hours and half which is not bad although it is shorter than NC10’s.


Both Mini 110 and Samsung NC10 come with the same guts. So naturally they must have similar performance record and benchmark result. Both netbooks boot Win XP in 45 sec. They have similar transferring rate (Laptop magazine tested NC20 with 120GB 5400 rpm and it recorded rate of 12.4 MBps) and stay behind IdeaPad S10 with the rating of 17.4 MBps.


Surely, Mini 110 is a better netbook that its predecessor and with its competitive price, excellent keyboard, nice design (specially it doesn’t get tarnished at all), lovely options and enough ports and slots will be able to attract the market easily.

Samsung NC20 is a known netbook that has already been successful to take some proportion of crowded market of netbooks. It is famous for its keyboard and long battery life. But it is not available in the price range of $320- $370 that Mini 110 offers. This way it will lose some of its consumers logically.

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Lenovo T400S Nearly Survives 26,000-Pound Crushing


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Lenovo’s ThinkPad T400s hasn’t been released yet and its specs are still under wraps, but today Slashgear has a fantastic video of the thin-and-light notebook nearly surviving a clash with a 26,000 pound truck. The 14.1-inch notebook is no rugged or semi-rugged system and yet, in the video, which was made with the help of the Center for Severe Weather Research (cswr.org), you see a giant radar truck roll over the T400s, which suffers a cracked screen, busted keyboad, and general failure to power on. However, its hard drive and precious data survive.

Back in the lab, you see Lenovo engineers remove the 1.8-inch mechanical drive from the broken T400s then plug it into another system and watch it boot like nothing ever happened. You also see that many of the parts, including the RAM, are still intact and ready to be used again. So it’s safe to say that the T400s almost survived being run over and kept its most precious asset — its data — intact.

Even more interesting is the possibility that the notebook could completely survive being run over by a normal passenger car. At 0:31 into the video, an unidentified person holding the broken notebook says “I understand it can withstand a car’s impact, but it certainly cannot survive a heavy duty radar truck.” We’d love to see that theory tested.

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