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How to Extend Laptop Battery Life?


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You can use your laptop even when you are traveling and this is the most attractive side of laptop computer. That is why, battery life is very important when it comes to laptop. The number of hours a laptop battery can support is considered to be one of the most important features of a laptop. As battery costs a big chunk of the total price of a laptop, you can not afford to replace your battery very often. A typical laptop battery usually loses a big part of its charge capacity after about 2 years, and thus, it can not hold as much charge as it used to previously.

There is one mistake that many of us commit and this mistake eventually deteriorates the battery life. Many laptop users use their laptop keeping it plugged in, thinking that it would not lose its charge as it is constantly get recharged, even though they are using the laptop. That is a very big mistake that would cost your battery life, if you continue doing so for a long time. Why?

Well, when the laptop is plugged in, it does not get a chance to discharge for many hours, and thus, decreasing its capacity to hold charge. To get out of this problem, you can pull out the battery from your laptop and run it on electricity. Next time, when you are on the road, you can use your battery to run your laptop. In this way, you can extend your battery life.

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