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HP Laptop Batteries with 3-Year Warranty


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HP is going to offer a 3-year warranty for its laptop battery from now on. The laptop battery which uses Sonata cell produced by Boston Power Inc, a battery producer based on Massachusetts, can afford to take full charge for 1,000 times. There are some other attractions for the lithium-ion battery. First of all, users can charge 80% within 30 minutes that you can not find in any other lithium-ion battery.

The batteries will be available in 18 laptop models from Hewlett-Packard (HP), but as of now, the Sonata batteries will not be available in HP business laptops, though talks between Boston Power Inc and HP over the extended use of this battery in HP laptop line up is currently going on. The battery seems to be environment friendly as it does not use polyvinyl chloride, and thus, earning Nordic Ecolabel certificate. As it lasts for longer time than any other lithium-ion battery, users would require less or no replacement in what would cut the waste. However, this laptop battery from HP costs $20 more than many other lithium-ion batteries as it is priced at $150. Now, let us see if the battery can live up to the expectation of laptop users.

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