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Need Computer or Laptop Backup: SOHO is the Answer


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If you are a hardworking and busy person and your job is related to computer and laptop then you must agree with me that sometimes you suffer a lot from PC related problems. The problems may be are related to hardware or software but the main matter is that In times of emergency, it becomes too much of a problem and we often wish that we had more backup or more computers or laptops. I have a different kind of problem. You see In our blogs, we have a team of six persons and sometimes all of them come to my home to get some ideas and they need to work on computers but I do not have that many computers and I cannot afford to buy so many PCs because they are very expensive. That means I need extra water station computers but I cannot afford to spend so much money.
In both of the cases, the best solution is perhaps going for a SOHO. With this technology, you can share your resources and can have good backup when you need. I read an interesting and very informative article in this regard and you can read it by clicking here: Share Peripherals Between Laptops and Desktops

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