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Asus 1004DN Eee PC: Will it be Successful?


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Asus Eee PC revolutionized the netbook category and is still one of the most popular entry level portable machines. Well, Asus EEE PC played a big role behind the increasing popularity of netbook. However, Asus’s new 1004DN Eee PC does not seem to be as successful as its predecessor considering its features and the price tag.

Let us first look at the features 1004DN Eee PC offers. First of all, it comes with a 10-inch display, larger than its previous 7-inch EEE PC. At its widest point, Asus 1004DN Eee PC has 1.3-inch depth. It features a small keyboard and comes with a price tag of $550 which seems to be a bit high for a netbook. In fact, you might find an entry level notebook with improved features in the similar price range. You can just find it a bit more portable than a standard notebook and that is perhaps the only thing you could count on in its favor. Overall, Asus 1004DN Eee PC does not seem to be very successful in the fiercely competitive netbook market.

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