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AT&T to Offer Subsidized Laptops with Wireless Broadband Connectivity


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AT&T, one of the popular mobile phone service providers in USA, is now planning to sell laptops with wireless broadband connectivity in America. On Wednesday, the company announced its plan for selling laptops through its stores in Atlanta and Philadelphia. AT&T will offer a netbook only for $50, but to enjoy this offer, users have to sign up for home and wireless broadband service of AT&T which will cost you $60 per month. However, if you do not sign up for wireless broadband service, then you have to pay $100 to buy the laptop. Currently, the offer is now available only in Atlanta.

AT&T started selling laptops with a reduced price last year at RadioShack Corp. stores and offered $500-laptops only for $100 with a two-year wireless broadband contract. Through its stores in Atlanta and Philadelphia, AT&T will also sell expensive laptops like Lenovo X200 which will be available with a reduced price tag of $850, down from company rate of $1,120. AT&T’s rival Verizon Wireless is also considering launching of subsidized laptops with wireless connection in its own stores.

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