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Conflict between Google and Authors/ Publishers over Google Book Search Service


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Google Book Search service was involved in a conflict with Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers three years ago over the Google’s right of showing copyrighted books online.

Although this service is very useful for researchers and students to get easier access to the books they need but it has raised big concern book deal among authors and publishers on breaking copy rights or overlooking it in online.

The Department of Justice is now inquiring “Google's proposed settlement over its Book Search service” and the “antitrust concerns” on “Online book deal”.

The conflict is over 5 problems that this service may cause for Authors and publishers like Google gaining an unfair profit and advantage from books and book market and orphan books, and fear of losing of the author’s control over their own work.

Regardless of these complaints, Google defends its service that this can earn a lot of profit for authors and publishers too such as easy way of buying a full book online, numerous book will be searchable which is big help to book market and so on.

Read more at PCWorld

I think the best solution for authors and publishers is that making an international organization to have a website and give similar service there with full respect to copyright!

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