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Acer and Intel Joining Hands for India Market


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India is a growing market for laptops. Well, it is true that the economic recession caused a problem for the country's economy, but the reality is that most people do not have a PC and there is much room for growth. In fact, it has the second largest mobile market. Therefore, there is no reason that one day may have the second largest market for PC and laptop. Acer and Intel have focused on this market in earnest now.

Economic Times wrote:

Acer portable player and leader leading manufacturer of chips, Intel announced the launch of the 'Aspire time series (ATS) of

pen notebook models in India.

The notebook models have more than eight hours of battery life and Intel-based Ultra-low voltage (ULV) platform.

The smart power adapter into the charging mode adaptive automatically when the battery is fully charged and stops power consumption. This is a "disturbing" the model that uses the ULV Intel platform, has LED backlit display with 16.9 aspect ratio, HD resolution 1366 X768, which has been designed to guarantee 40 percent measurable benefits for customers, he said. The series is available in three forms and price ranges from 39,999 rupees to 44,999 rupees.

This is good news for consumers. Now, the hope that other companies like Acer and submit an offer price.

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