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Highlight the characteristics of the browser Safari 4 and Snow Leopard OS update


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Apple released the Safari browser 4 and announced the date and details of Snow Leopard update (also known as OS X 10.6 coming out in September) with the launch of the new Mac Pro at WWDC and Mac air laptop

The new browser Safari 4 is available for download, comes with new features, including:

- Set of 51 separate vulnerabilities, some of them quite old (the oldest is CVE-2006-2783 an error in analyzing Unicode text).

-Top Sites view: to show users in the most visited websites framewoek 3D view.

- It works easily with Leopard, Tiger and Windows OS.

- The performance of this new browser is 7.8x times faster than IE8. Apple has also stated that it is faster than Google Chrome browser. A test conducted by PC Magazine states that they (4 Chrome vs Safari 2) were neck to neck when it comes to speed.

- Integrated in Snow Leopard

- ITunes-like Cover Flow interface to see history

Snow Leopard operating system update will be available in September only cost $ 29 for Mac OS users to update to the latest version of Leopard. Undoubtedly, the new Mac laptops come with the new update of Snow Leopard. This version of Mac OS only runs on Intel-based Mac.

While this update does not offer many new features for end users, is more reliable and sensitive than the previous version. Has faster overall performance with the use of "64-bit, support for memory limits and multicore CPUs, along with hardware graphics processing faster."

These are some of the highlights:

- It has support for Chinese characters

- The fastest performance of mail and support for Microsoft Exchange mail, contacts and calendars

- Quick Time Player X comes with new features HTTP and leverages the hardware acceleration. Now, it installs 45% faster than the fast time and is capable of opening image files JPEF twice PDF documents faster and 1.5 times faster than the previous version-Quick Time. Quick Time X is capable of organizing and sharing video files.

- Easy posting of content across the windows to drag and drop a video in an email.

- Viewing Office doc, even if you do not have this application by a user of Microsoft Exchange. Exchange support in Mac OS has more practical and better replacement for Windows OS.

iCal-can find available the next time, when others in the group that has occupied

- Office of Grand Central is a new tool that provides "a programming environment that is broken into multiple threads of tasks based on the number of cores and threads available" to take advantage of multiple cores. It also supports OpenCL.

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