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INQ also to use the operating system Android soon, and do some cool stuff with it


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INQ, popular for their affordable that is integrated with Skype and social networks, and working on Android-powered phone. So far, INQ Mobile has been using the operating system and property, which was designed to provide intelligent, such as the capabilities, but now they were going to the real deal - and what is the best option for a small company of open source operating system Android.

Perhaps the last to use the mobile operating system will be the Royal Canal INQ 3G and third-generation Mini 3G. Jump to the robot, but will open the floodgates for the storage of rich application - Android Market, which make their phones more competitive with more expensive offers. While the market provides applications for access to social networks, etc., will probably INQ add their own solutions in the mix as well.

INQ chief executive, has hinted at an improved user experience, and promised to do some "pretty cool stuff with Android." They've already won thanks to the excellent chat and social integration, so they should know what they are doing.

Android not able to match the iPhone so popular now, but with more manufacturers to join on the bandwagon that it may be just the beginning of gaining ground in the near future. It's not just INQ, Motorola also getting into the game with DEXT interface MOTOBLUR.

The first Android INQ phone is switched out some time next year.

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