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Intel and Taiwan Solidarity to Develop Linux-based Moblin OS for Netbooks


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The leading chip maker, Intel has helped a lot to Netbooks to be developed and get more immediate acceptance everywhere and among any type of user by its Atom CPUs. But Intel has more plans for these budget useful ultra portable machines. Not only thought of low-power consumption processors for Netbooks, it also intends to develop a comfortable and user-friendly Linux-based Moblin OS for Netbooks and MIDs with corporation of the Taiwan government.

The main purpose behind creating Moblin is to have an operating system to be well-compatible and matched with Atom processors. And Moblin is also based on Linux because the open source software is free and it drops the price of Netbook laptops more. Surely, the success of Moblin OS will result in tighter market for Microsoft.

The new development center of Moblin will be set up in Taiwan. So, it will be very useful for the Taiwan- based manufactures like Asus and Acer. They can install it in their own Netbooks and their other products.

The new Center will set off its work from December onwards.

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