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Asus Fold / Unfold Laptop with Slide-out Keyboard to Hit the Market in 2009


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You might already know that Asus unveiled a Fold / Unfold laptop concept at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January and the concept created huge interest among the laptop enthusiasts. Now, Asus has decided to launch this Fold / Unfold laptop in the market commercially in September or October 2009. Asus Fold / Unfold laptop would come with a slide-out keyboard, ensuing increased amount of airflow and space for keyboard and trackpad. When the laptop will be closed, the keyboard, being slided forward, would hide the trackpad. However, the keyboard would reveal the trackpad when the laptop will be open.

Asus Fold / Unfold laptop will be very thin and light. For those who give priority to the portability while choosing a laptop would like to have an Asus Fold / Unfold laptop on their laps. Asus CEO Jerry Shen has recently said that the company would be shipping this laptop from September-October this year with a price tag ranging between $1,000 and $1,500. Though the specifications of Asus Fold / Unfold laptop are not yet unveiled, the laptop seems to be attractive.

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