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Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet Multi-Touch Hits USA & Japan Starting at 2399!


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Dell Latitude XT2 convertible Tablet - the industry's first tablet PC with multi-touch screen technology us available for purchase in USA and Japan with the hefty starting price of $2399!

The striking features of Latitude XT2 Tablet consist of:

-up to 11 hours battery runtime

- Thin just 0.98-in thickness. And light about 3.78-pounds (1.72-kg) with 6-cell battery. Yet under the hook you can find many useful components

- 12.1-inch LED backlit touch-screen display being able to use Outdoor

- Optional mobile broadband

- Up to 5GB of DDR3 1066MHz

- Up to 120GB 5400RPM SATA disk or 128GB SSD

- Ample ports and slot including eSATA, 2x USB 2.0, firewire, and ExpressCard 54 slot

- Simple to use, cost-effective to own and pre-loaded with useful tools including: the latest Intel vProTM processors for remote management, comprehensive security features and Dell ProSupport Mobility Services.

-Dual-digitizer for low pressure, high touch accuracy

-New LCD-based wireless antenna design for excellent connectivity

- Innovative multi-touch responsive screen |( in both laptop and tablet modes) for exceptional efficiency and fingertip ease or utilize the battery-free pen to write or draw as you would on a piece of paper. Because of the Multi touch technology, with the stroke of fingertips, the following actions can be operated:

Scroll through large web pages/ zoom in on graphics, photos or online maps/ enlarge emails to aid reading/ to close screen/ collaborate in real-time and more

Without a doubt that This Tablet PC is gorgeous and unique for its nice design and feature set. But that fact is it is very expensive.

Well The first query comes to mind is How much is the Multi-Touch technology important and worthy to convince the professional users like doctors, corporate users etc to spend large sum of money over this Tablet PC? Or how much ease and special advantages does this technology bring to its users? Surely, multi-touch brings the free them of using more than one fingertip at the same time and makes the use of touch screen display more natural.

However, I believe to postpone responding to these two questions till several reviews of this table PC come out.

So, stay tune for further reports.

Via: Engadget

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