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Eee PC 1008HA 10 Inches from Asus


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In 2009, we are enjoying a healthy competition between Asus and Acer over netbooks. Asus is trying to focus on bringing a series of models of laptops in the line of Eee PC. Now, there is Eee PC 1008HA. It has 10 inches display and I am very happy for it because I really hate any laptop with 7 inches display. Its thickness is just 1 inches and its weight is just 2.4 pounds ( a bit more than 1 Kilo Gram).

I often cannot understand why companies like Asus do not give us enough information and instead most users have to know about laptops from different websites and blogs.

One thing that should have in this laptop model is that the users would be able to share documents among themselves even without any internet connection. Not only that, the user will have access to Eee Arena and through it, they can have access to many songs and games.

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