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Asus reveals dual screen laptop at 2009 CeBIT Trade Show


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On March 2, 2009, Asustek Computer Inc. (ASUS) said that it is displaying its latest keyboard less dual screen laptop at the CeBIT Trade Show, which started from March 2, 2009 in Hannover Germany. The new laptop comes with a touch sensitive screen. Asus said that the laptop can be used in various scenarios. Aside from serving as a conventional laptop, the new laptop would serve as e-book reader and as a multimedia hub. A prototype of the laptop is currently on display at the CeBIT Trade Show, the biggest IT trade show in the world.

Asus said that the dual panel offers flexible working space and can adopt to users needs. While operating the laptop, one of the screen turns in a software based virtual keyboard and the other functions as display. While reading the e-book, users can disable the virtual keyboard and can be read like a conventional book. Users can turn pages through touch gestures. While watching movies, the two screens act as one big screen.

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