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Nvidia and Google Jointly to Bring Open-source Android to Tegra


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Nvidia with the association of Google is trying to bring the support for open-source Android software tools supplying on the smartphones which will be based on upcoming Tegra mobile chip. As you know Tegra mobile chip is also supposed to support Windows-based applications.

PC World Reports:

Tegra-based phones will combine advanced graphics, better battery life and always-on Internet access, Nvidia said in a press release. Smartphone makers can now use the Android platform to build Web 2.0 and Internet-based applications for Tegra-based smartphones, the company said.

Tegra chips put an Arm-based processor core, a GeForce graphics core and other components on a single chip. The product lineup includes the Tegra 600 running at 700MHz and Tegra 650 running at 800MHz. It also includes Tegra APX 2500 and APX 2600.

Nvidia is launching its Tegra mobile chip to reduce the price of smartphones. Nivida is announcing a Tegra-based MID- devices that stay between netbooks and smart phones that feature playing back of full HD 1080p video and always-on Wi-Fi and 3G mobile broadband connectivity, with the price of $100 at MWC Mobile World Congress which is being held in Barcelona now (to end on Thursday).

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