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OLPC: The Fight for Decreasing Price


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If OLPC fails then there is no doubt that many people will get sad. The critics of this project have been repeatedly pointing out that Nicholas Negroponte promised to take a laptop only for $100 but its price is still almost $200. However, I like Nicholas Negroponte because he could continue the project against all the odds. He is perhaps a bit unlucky because he started the project at a time the price of raw materials was high. At the same time, there was a big problem too as the value of American currency was low compare to many other currencies in the world. None of these things helped him. Good news is that now the price of raw materials has decreased significantly. Also, US dollar has gained some extra value against many currencies.

So, now, Nicholas Negroponte is hopeful that the price of OLPC may get decreased some. However, I think that he has understood it very well that it is impossible to produce a laptop and sell it for $100.

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