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Asus Keeping 8.9-inch Netbooks Going, but Focusing More on 10-inch Netbooks


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Asus is not going phase out the 8.9-inch netbooks from the market. Asus will keep the 8.9-inch netbooks only for acquiring more market shares. However, Asus will also focus on 10-inch netbooks alongside continuing its 7-inch popular netbook models. Asus Eee PC revolutionized the netbook category and got world-wide success over the last few years and it still has huge attraction among the laptop users because of its lucrative price tag. Asus has seen total sales volume of Eee PC being doubled this year in Taiwan. Now, Asus is contemplating to launch a pink version of Asus Eee PC 1000HA.

Meanwhile, Acer, one of the biggest rivals of Asus in netbook market, has decided to phase out its 8.9-inch netbook from the market, and it is now planning to focus more on its 10-inch netbooks.

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