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The First self-encrypting SSDs Announced from Samsung


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Solid State Drives are famous for their reliability, faster performance being cooler and better shock resistance. Although they are much more expensive than standard spinning hard drives, they are better options for corporate users. As security is most important thing for businesses, for the first time there are new SSDs made by Samsung with corporation of Wave System to have integrated automatic hardware encryption.

These new SSDs comes bundled with “Wave’s EMBASSY® Trusted Drive Manager for pre-booting authentication to the drive and enrolling drive administrators and users. Trusted Drive Manager also enables the backup of drive credentials.

“Samsung’s new 256GB, 128GB, and 64GB SSDs are the first solid state drives to incorporate hardware-based encryption... Because encryption keys and access credentials are generated and stored within the drive hardware, they never leave its confines and are never held in the operating system or by application software. This hardware FDE approach is considered more secure and less complex to manage.

No release date and price have been mentioned yet, but it is a very good news for business users and companies to have more secured hard drives and less risk of losing data.

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