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MacBook Air vs. the MSI's X340? , One or two priority?


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Notes the ambition to create a unique ultra-thin notebook PC users for PC vendors, companies reported the MacBook Air. However, because of their super, they are of their Mac laptops in such extreme than air Adamo Dell solutions using various artistic sense of design to my laptop from Voodoo and jealousy experiments that try to make the popular Mac laptops are: the style and slim. MSI's 133 HP from the set of features such as more than X - 340 offers ultra-cheap laptop prices. Mac air as the Apple Mac laptop with his enthusiastic fans, these new Mac and achieve a significant portion of the market, such as my laptop, my loving them The group was able to build a house.

Lovers of the brand, not if, to purchase a super-slim notebook handy to respond to your request, in the current ultra-thin laptop or Mac to compare the entry of air It is very convenient. This entry is the latest ultra-thin MacBook Air notebook you can find a comparison between the X340 and PC MSI arrived.

PC Magazine is a notebook, battery life, performance, display, keyboard, these two design details feature set and price of laptops and have been compared from various aspects.

Here, I emphasize a point mentioned in the review. However, I have your details, we encourage you to read the reviews.

This review, price, design, port, slot, display, battery life, MSI's X340 and Mac overtakes, the quantity of air can be more satisfying. However, performance, keyboard and touchpad and the frame design with MSI X340 Mac has not been compared with the air can not reach.

In this test, MSI 340 laptop in 1366 x 768 resolution with two solo SU3500 ULV processor, 2GB of RAM, 350 GB HDD (5400 rotation), April 13, LED display 1.4 - GHz of Intel's Penryn The core feature is the Intel GMA 4500MHD, 802.11b integration / g / Ñ the Wi - Fi, Bluetooth, and Vista Home Premium OS. NOTOPASOKONSUPOTSUISANETTO; of HDMI, headphone, microphone, modem; February 1, VGA port and card reader. 3 cell battery and weighs 900 pounds and the price of 2.9 U.S. dollars. The 13 X's are measured 8.8 X 0.8 inches.

In this test, MacBook Air in 2499 and sold in dollars, 1280x800 resolution LED display 1.86 GHz of Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD, 13.3 features the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics, 802.11 b / g with / Ñ the Wi - Fi, Bluetooth and the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard of this notebook PC has a single USB port, headphone, and a single mini DisplayPort sports. At 3.0 pounds and measures 12.8 X weight of 8.9 X 0.7 inches.

If x340 is equivalent to the size of a super-slim laptop-friendly, please see the full budget Mac Air (mostly) less glossy display and enough ports and slots are from the business, and three hours 38 minutes to provide long battery life (more than a half-time Mac Air).

However, Mac-air performance at very low compared to the laptop. Atmospheric Mac easily PCMark 3684 scored higher on tests of relevance, only 1,658 laptop. Is, 3D graphics and the X340 is very low too. That's almost half of Air 3DMark06 tests the graphics performance of only 643.

Therefore, a stylish notebook with several special features as needed is a sturdy speed PC, Mac Air, cheaper version of the Mac Air $ 2500 (or pay 1700 dollars) is the about 2.7 times more expensive in the MSI X340. From wallet-friendly and are ready to sacrifice these rights or to obtain a low-end performance laptops.

Now, even if these two laptops, with your favorite things you can check the ultra-slim notebook PCs available on the market is like no other. My Mac has been compared to air. I noted the following entries, you can check them out. Additionally, some Mac English Asus Air is trying to release - U20A, UX30, UX50V near future, including laptops. So, please contact for more information.

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