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Intel Charges High for Atom Used in ION Platform!


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Netbooks are useful for mobile devices, if you feel anyone is more graphics capabilities (and, therefore, provide a better overall performance 3D) may have additional consumer netbooks for orientation be practical. To whom this fact, although not unknown, NVIDIA, and Intel's Atom Nividia 9400M graphics tried to IONPURATTOFOMUPUROJEKUTO to combine the processor. This is a great idea, especially when Nvidia is in the initial interview, only an extra platform netbooks to the current price of 50 I would add a dollar.

Apparently, Intel's case, netbook like many users, the idea is no different! Intel realized that it is positive than the Intel Atom netbook chipset vendors are being forced to pay higher when you use it in the platform-ion!

Well, it significantly Nividia graphics card graphically clear that the netbooks that can increase the overall performance and capacity.

Notebook PC's, Intel netbook that NVIDIA thinks that the magazine has repeatedly anticompetitive practices to prevent the market.

If IONINTERUPURATTOFOMU to launch, I must accept a partner in the market, illogical, not seen! Intel, Atom will launch the next generation of "PineView" (the integrated graphics core) and Intel have come in the second half of this year should provide for the ion, it can not have good sales or they are concerned, the ion for the new CPU platform again.

What do you think? Are you in favor of Intel's anti-competitive practice? I would like to hear your feedback.

Tip: According to wiki, "an atom benchmark, designed to use a laptop or desktop significantly lower than the Intel processor. Intel is about to be used in a broad benchmark, the atom" The Celeron 430 1.8 GHz processor, half of the performance ."

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