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IdeaPad S10 - 2 of the first two reviews: one of the other professional. IdeaPad S10 Netbook from


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Lenovo IdeaPad S10 is a recent, in several ways, does not follow his predecessor 2 netbook called the IdeaPad S10 netbook has launched a new version. Lenovo S10 is to remove this flaw exists in the netbook for the main complaint, trying to function better in the new S10 of critical acclaim - and then upgrade them to bring. For example, the latest netbook, the size is more comfortable using a keyboard and a larger standard battery.

3 is the second important during this period, Lenovo's netbook market, which has maintained a level of price comparison model in the range of price updates.

IdeaPad S10 - 2, are stylish enough handier netbook IdeaPad S10 than 3G and includes a new option for the modem port.

Review Summary:

1 - This stylish notebook PC Magazine and I get a netbook to get a review. Here, I highlight just a cover, I can read your details, and a review, please see the video you recommended netbook.

IdeaPad S10 will be able to find - not 2, IdeaPad S10 features an impressive configuration of users:

A new look - and a glossy, gray, pink, curvy design of black and white, color, thin, lightweight 0.4 and 0.1

- 10.1-inch display is glossy. Currently, low-resolution 1024X600 will be available include the option to save high-resolution

- 3 ports and the U.S. one, than his predecessor netbook

- IdeaPad S10's new Express Card slot - a slot in MEDIAKADORIDA - two of the four exchange

- 3G connectivity options, will add only an extra 50 dollars

IdeaPad S10 is compared to the first model - and sports a large keyboard more comfortable

- Only 2 MARUCHITATCHIPADDO useful extension of the right and left mouse button one

- Built-in 6-cell battery (up to 4 hours) to provide a precursor to the long garment life than come back to the battery cell

2 - Notebooks.com This netbook may also have the technology. This netbook is playing in the assessment, compared with the first model S10. Here is a summary of reviews:

- The design is much sleeker look than the predecessor

-, 6-cell battery, battery life and how it is, S10 is provided to a single charge, up to 6 hours of battery runtime

- S10 If it is, I like Matt to show that the glossy is better!

- Option 3G modem is almost $ 50 extra $ 350 added to the basic price

In a nutshell, the new IdeaPad S10, I would position, 2 netbook from Lenovo in the market to describe, and I have to say:

And asked the price and features more aggressive netbook!

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