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Update BIOS for Eee 1000HE to Enhance Video Performance


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You know that one big complaint against netbooks is the low performance of their graphics card. Asus has tried to bring some video improvement for its popular Eee PC 1000HE by updating its BIOS.

Apperantly Asus was successful to bring more satisfaction by this update.

The several tests run by a EeeUser Forums member and comparing the result of the two BIOSes shows that the new BIOS ( 802) helps the user to watch standard definition and 480p videos on Hulu and Standard def. videos on YouTube very smoothly. However, the HD video on YouTube s only playable and it is shown some choppy.

Compared to the older version, users could not watch even the standard video on YouTube easily because it was choppy.

Although the new BIOS improves the video performance and run video and game smoother the previous one, apparently, it creates problem for sound! The 802 BIOS lacks support for Dolby sound! So, either video or Dolby sound; the choice is with you!

Via: liliputing

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