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Nice Experience of Running Win 7 on a Gigabyte T1028M Touch Note


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You have already seen the successful efforts of running Windows 7 beta version on Eee PC 900 powered by Intel Celeron CPU at 900MHz and Atom-based Eee PC 1000H in the following entries:

-Even the Slow Asus Eee PC 900 with Intel Celeron Can Run Winows 7!

-Windows 7 on Eee PC 1000H vs. Vista: “Things are easier in Windows 7”!

Both netbooks could run Win 7 beta version smoothly and without any interruption. However, Eee PC 900 could handle Win 7 smoothly when the Aero was off.

Now it is nice to see the result of running Windows 7 RC1 on a atom-based netbook with touch screen display.

UMPCportal has done this test on its modified Gigabyte T1028M Touch Note netbook (featuring 3G, 2GB and SSD). The result was impressive. The installation was fast and smooth. The OS recognized the touch screen and multitouch pad, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN, SD reader, USB, audio, and Divx videos worked well. There was only problem that occurred over 3G modem. Happily, he could easily fix it with the standard driver. Also he could not fix the problem occurred over battery indicator and screen brightness.

He also tried RC1 on Kohjinsha SC3 which is based on the Intel Menlow platform and comes with a VIA wifi module and he faced more problems to run Win 7.


“Windows 7 is a nicer working environment”. However, in the terms of performance, the netbook running on Win 7 RC1 was some slower than the same netbook running on XP and faster than Vista.

In the end, He considers Win XP as the most ideal OS for netbooks compared to Win 7 and Vista. And he is concerned what will happen after 2010 when XP has gone. I think ether MS will release a lighter version of Win 7 for netbooks or extending the availability of XP.

What do you think?

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