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You can Run Windows 7 & Mac OS in Macbook Air


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Windows 7 will be downloaded to a public eager for computer enthusiasts that were released a few days ago, to install the final version of this before on another computer. Some of the Mac X OS that is also one of an interesting test of the MacBook Air is already installed.

One of the world and his own personal computer in the 1.86 GHz MacBook Air is the latest version, try this. Your Mac is slow to learn the air between the laptop. The Mac OS X in the air with his laptop and maintain Windows 7 has been installed.

Too, while newly-released on your main computer to check the RC1 of Windows, the current OS of your PC you can keep on.

1B of RAM with at least first, winning the need for a computer this way for seven to at least 512MB of RAM should be assigned. If, CPU speed is, you will get better on this test. If you want to start easily, the cam is, Mac OS X and is part of the boot is, Windows and Mac OS X to either have a machine that can dual-boot Mac laptop applications that can be used.

Sun's open source VirtualBox 2.1.2 Assessment tests he has chosen, Mac X of the OS inside a virtual machine to run the rc Wynn 7.

To know it is a free Windows and Linux OS of the openSUSE VistualBox, Fedora, Ubuntu is, Debian, Mandriva is, PCLinuxOS, RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux's), SLE (SUSE Linux Enterprise), Xandros and I can run a different version.

Assessment, the virtual machine and installed a new Windows 7. He can not access the RAM), (also with a better performance, 128MB graphics with better quality can be assigned to video memory) video 12 megabytes (768 megabytes of Mac X OS of RAM memory for Windows and select the virtual hard drive for a Windows (default is 20 gigabytes, he chose the smaller amount of 15.5 GIGABAITOSUPESU). He's, DVD by using the (cases, Windows 7 can read the ISO image file, Windows has been installed.)

Windows is installed, as well done, Windows in the VM for the native graphics, limit the possibility of running more than an ability to not have access to all audio and network card there. Internet access, and optical disks, USB devices had been.

You can read about and install the Mac Air is here and here we use the VirtualBox application.

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