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Windows Vista SP2 now available for download


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Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is now available for download on the Microsoft website (348MB). However, Vista users get SP2 automatically through Windows Update after a few days.

Vista SP2 adds new carriers and some updates and bug fixes in the current Vista operating system, including:

- Updated support Bluetooth V2.1

- Updated support for recording directly to Blu-ray through Vista

- Fixxing slow closures

- Fixing the Wi-Fi issues goes after Vista awakes from sleep mode.

- Boosting the performance of Vista sidebar gadget and desktop RSS feeds

- Fixing bugs 700 and security updates made light of the overall performance

- To improve management efficiency by 10%

- Support for VIA Technologies' new 64-bit CPU

ExFAT-Support ", which can handle large files and can also use UTC time for it to synchronize files across different time zones."

Source: PC World

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