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ThinkFree Mobile: an Office Suite Made for Netbooks available Now


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Microsoft office suite is expensive and a big application for netbooks although it is very essential and necessary for everybody.

ThinkFree Mobile Netbook is an office suite application made for any sorts of netbooks based on Windows, or Linux even for the netbooks running Mac OS (or MacBook laptops)!

The system requirement includes:

Operating systems: Windows XP/Vista, Linux kernel 2.6.17 or higher, Mac*

CPU: Intel architecture based device (including ATOM)

HDD drive: 60MB of disk space

RAM: 256MB or higher

Display: Flexible screen resolution support

ThinkFree Mobile Netbook edition is designed to help you manage and sync all your documents easily. It allows you to upload documents to your netbook with displays featuring at least resolution, 1024 x 600 pixel and share them with all your PCs, office software and operating systems whenever you need to edit or create. laptop, mobile internet device, netbook or desktop PC.

Normal price is US$39.95. if you buy now, you will be able to save $15. (Use coupone code "thinkfree") Also if you buy ThinkFree Mobile and you will get additional 1GB of online storage at ThinkFree Online.

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