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MacBook-Like Acer Aspire 3935 Laptop Starts from $900


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Macbook laptops are fashionable, stylish, popular and affordable. So, they are good examples for other laptop makers to follow Mac style. However, it is not enough to get some shares of this laptop in the market lest they offer something more than MacBooks. Acer has tried this path with its upcoming Acer Aspire 3935 laptop. This Mac-like business laptop comes with upmarket 13-inch 16:9 widescreen LED display (rather than a standard LCD monitor), as slender as less than 1-inch and also multi-touch gestures rather than normal touchpad.

But these are not the only highlighted features of Aspire 3935.

This laptop first of all starts from more competitive price of $900- pretty cheaper than MacBook. Also, Acer has claimed that this new laptop is more energy efficient because of its Intel ULV processors and provides an excellent battery runtime up to 10 hours and mere with a single battery.

The third issue that Acer has paid attention and is important for most of laptop users is keeping the laptop cool even under heavy operation. Intel’s passive cooling system on this laptop keeps the outer surface like palm rest and underneath of laptop cool.

Well this laptop from Acer seems to be successful since releasing, for its price and the striking features mentioned above although it doesn’t have the smart and stylish design of MacBooks. Another advantage could be the Windows Operating system on this Acer laptop rather than Mac X OS, as it is more familiar for most of users especially in Asia.

Source: crave.cnet

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